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Your 2017-18 Card Chronicle Least Cool Person Tournament Champion Is ...

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A new head will wear the crown for the next 12 months, though it looks an awful lot like the old head.

*Nantz voice

In the end, their lack of appeal earned them the most important ruling of them all. The NCAA Appeals Committee is your least cool person for 2017-18.

*Nantz voice off

With a whopping 76 percent of the vote, the Appeals Committee destroyed Chuck Smrt to become the second straight NCAA body to take down the title, and the third straight champion to have some tie to the stripper scandal.

Let’s update the trophy ...

Big thanks to Rick Montgomery for once again doing God’s work here.

Here’s the deal: I am willing to vacate these last two titles if the NCAA gives us our 2012 Final Four and 2013 championship banners back.

I’ll be expecting your call.