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Tuesday morning Cardinal news and notes

Kendall and Meredith make a Summer Tour appearance for the third straight year, this time with a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana.

—Montrezl Harrell has signed a two-year deal worth $12 million that will keep him with the Los Angeles Clippers. I honestly thought he’d sign for more, but congrats to Trez for expanding that bank account.

—Current U of L commit Josh Nickelberry and former (future?) U of L commit David Johnson squared off against one another in California over the weekend.

Johnson was 9 of 15 from the field, totaling 20 points to go with four assists and three rebounds. He was most effective getting into the lane and scoring around the basket. The 6-foot-5 Louisville native averaged 11.2 points, four assists and 3.8 rebounds per game over the weekend.

Nickelberry made six of his eight shots in the game, including a 3-pointer. He added four assists and finished with 17 points. He averaged 8 points, 1.7 rebounds and 1.5 assists over six games.

”During the game, I imagine myself if they were on my team or if I were with them,” Johnson said. “... I think with anyone that can score, I can make them look good and myself look good with my passing.”

Both players insisted they were primarily focused on winning the game, though.

Johnson’s team went 3-2 in California, while Nickelberry’s finished 3-3.

”It’s all competition, really,” Nickelberry said. “I know who he is. He knows who I am. We’re going against each other.”

Whether they’ll be doing that more in college remains to be seen.

—Corey Ray is still raking.

—The Kickin’ it with JT and Friends camp is always awesome.

—There are 36 days left at the Saratoga meet, and David Levitch has been on a hot streak. You can ride his picks to financial gain by checking out The Horse Capper site.

—There have been plenty of stories in recent years about coaches paying parents or guardians so a kid will pick their school. But how about a parent paying a coach so his kid can get into a certain school? Apparently it happened at Penn.

—How much baseball is actually played in the 20 best baseball movies? A hero investigates.

—It’s all happening.

—Louisville swimmer Nick Albiero writes about his freshman year of college and gives a preview of the upcoming nationals.

—Some Elite 100 highlights from top Louisville recruit Aidan Igiehon.

—The “no respect” cards are piling up for Louisville football.

—Ray Ganong has landed a new gig.

Coach G, as he’s known, started at ProFormance Health & Wellbeing LLC just a few weeks ago.

ProFormance offers personal training, worksite wellness and pilates programs, as well as a sports performance academy for athletes. Ganong said he spends most of his time in the new role working with individuals, or maybe an individual and their spouse, on fitness activities.

Clients can include people who are trying to build strength for activities such as horseback riding or people who want to lose weight. His official title is director of sports performance.

”It’s awesome. It’s a breath of fresh air,” Ganong told me in an interview Thursday.

And it’s certainly different than working with college athletes in their prime.

”In the long run it will probably be more rewarding,” he said, because “now we’re talking about health — literally longevity.”

— profiles Jordan Nwora.

—Donovan remains the man.

—Ohio State football fired assistant coach Zach Smith on Monday not because of his history of domestic violence, but because his history of domestic violence became public.

—Trinity football standout Stephen Herron has flipped his commitment from Michigan to Stanford.

—I thought we were in the trust tree, with the nest. Were we not?

—The Chris/Jessica billboard mystery continues to rage on.

—Bama Hammer says it’s hard to see Louisville having any shot against Alabama.

Quarterback – Alabama – Huge Advantage

Running Back – Alabama – Huge Advantage

Wide Receiver – Louisville – Some Advantage

Offensive Line – Alabama – Clear Advantage

Defensive line – Alabama – Huge Advantage

Linebackers – Alabama – Huge Advantage

Secondary – Alabama – Clear Advantage

Special Teams – Louisville – Some Advantage

Certainly, our review paints a picture with a wide brush. Leading up to the game, we will provide details about each position group in later posts. For now, the game appears to be one where Alabama football can pick the score. Nick Saban does not like to run up scores. The outcome may have a respectable margin, particularly if Nick chooses to keep the game plans simple.

None of us know who will start at QB for the Tide. Alabama football can win the game with either one. We don’t expect to see a fully unleashed Tua. What would be the point of giving Ole Miss and Jimbo a clear, early look?

Good luck to Bobby P on that ‘belief’ thing. Alabama football excels at making other teams quit, even when doing so methodically.

—Former Humana executive and Churchill Downs chairman Carol Pollard is donating $2.5 million to U of L to create a scholarship fund aimed at attracting 1st generation Kentucky students to the university.

—And finally, Jeff Greer’s updated class of 2019 big board for Louisville is here.