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The Cardinal Countdown: 45 Days Until Kickoff

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East Carolina v Louisville

#45 Blanton Creque

Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 5-11/190

Position: Kicker

Hometown: Shelbyville, KY

Twitter: @Bcreque_19

Thoughts: When doing my usual player “research” on Creque this year a weird sense of pride welled up inside me as if I was reading about one of my own kids. I have never met Blanton, never talked to the young man, and have had zero impact on his athletic achievements to this point, but for some reason I always felt like he was going to be a solid player for the Cards since the day he walked on campus three years ago, so seeing him succeed is pretty cool. I liked his back story of putting in extra time between practices, jumping over the fence to get more kicks in, and kicking balls until it was so dark he could barely see the uprights. I was sold. In fact, back in 2016 I had mentioned his name six times during the countdown before I even got to his Day 32 post. Yes, the walk-on, who hadn’t even earned the starting job yet was impressing me to the point that I was trying to sell others, random people, on just how talented he was. So, two seasons later, there wasn’t going to be anything about his trajectory that would surprise me, so I thought. But here we are, entering season three as a starter and Creque….well, he may be better than what I thought.

After splitting some time with Even O’Hara in 2016 Creque took on the full time job in 2017 and kicked, and kicked, and kicked. His 58 made extra points were the most by a Card since Art Carmody hit 77 back in 2004, and good enough for 13th nationally. His 17 made field goals were the most by a Card since John Wallace made 20 back in 2013, and good enough for 27th nationally. His 109 points in 2017 lead the team (Lamar had 108), after finishing second in 2016 with 87 points. His FG% for the year (85%) was good enough for 14th nationally, just barely beating himself from 2016 when he connected at an 84.2% clip. It’s the best percentage the Card’s have seen in over a decade and if Blanton maintains his 84.6% career average the next couple years he would become the most accurate field goal kicker in the history of Louisville football. Yes, you read that correctly. He’s already top 6 in career field goals made having only played two seasons, top 5 in career points by a kicker, top 6 in PATs for his career, was a Lou Groza semi-finalist last year, Honorable Mention All-ACC last year, and now has game winner under his belt…

I could throw out a few more accolades or tout his success for another paragraph or two but the long and short of it is that Creque is not only one of the best kickers the Cards have ever had but will be fighting to be considered one of the best kickers in the country in 2018. #CrequeForHeisman

Sweet Tweet:

Right there with ya Blanton, 45 days bud.