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Tuesday morning Cardinal news and notes

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Nicholas Schuppert, a PhD student in U of L’s Speed School, takes the 2018 CC Summer Tour to Mürren, Switzerland.

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—Shoutout to Louisville Athletics for ranking in the NCAA Division I top five in community service for four consecutive years now.

—Eric Crawford says that while the rest of the city was talking about the name of their stadium, the Louisville football team was quietly getting to work with its summer workouts.

—Jeff Greer writes about how Chris Mack has managed to have some early success on the recruiting trail despite some obvious obstacles.

I spent this past weekend at the Adidas Gauntlet Finale in New York tracking several prospects high on Louisville’s wish list. My colleagues, Jon Hale and Fletcher Page, spoke to prospects at Nike and Under Armour events.

The consensus is clear among prospects: Mack’s personality, paired with the persistence of his assistants, is making a major impact. The 48-year-old Mack comes across as a straightforward guy, a top-flight Division I coach who leads a normal life outside of hoops.

One prospect joked about how he liked Mack’s Twitter feed, specifically the post pinned to the top of his profile that shows his 3-year-old son jumping into a swimming pool with his floaties on and is captioned, “toughness.”

Another kept repeating an old recruiting cliche, that Louisville’s staff made him feel like he would be part of a family-like atmosphere, but he insisted he meant it.

Three others talked about the “cool vibe” they got during their campus visit to Louisville.

Above all else, the prospects on Louisville’s radar know about Mack’s track record at Xavier.

”He’s a winning coach,” five-star center Isaiah Stewart said on Thursday at the Nike EYBL event Peach Jam. ”You’ve seen what he’s done at Xavier. So, I mean, he’s going to win, no matter where he’s at. He’s definitely had success.”

—New Arizona QB Josh Rosen isn’t an amateur anymore, but he hasn’t stopped thinking about how the NCAA could be better.

—Vince Tyra is pumped about the job Neeli Bendapudi did last week.

—I’ve got some questions about this Tyler Ulis/Devin Booker elevator fight (with other people, not each other), but none bigger than why Booker is covering his face with a bandana. That’s not going to keep people from figuring out that it’s you. Not that hard to connect the dots, dude.

—James Ramsey made over $4 million in 2017 making him the highest paid public college president by ... a lot.

—The Kickin’ it with JT and Friends event hosted by U of L soccer is back for anther year.

—Q will always be the man.

—The Big 12 spent years obsessing over how to not miss the Playoff. Now the Big 12’s new slogan is about bragging that the conference has the hardest route to the Playoff. Sure.

—On Monday, U of L officially introduced Holly Aprile as its new head softball coach.

—Single match tickets for the upcoming U of L men’s soccer season are now on sale.

—Yesterday was Mark Stoops’ turn at the podium for SEC Media Day, and it blows my mind that he gets away with using the exact same message every single July.

Sometimes walking is hard. I get it.

—If you missed it on the show yesterday, U of L men’s tennis coach Rex Ecarma told the story of attending a small tournament overseas many years ago. He noticed that a kid no one had ever heard of had beaten the top players for a couple of American colleges, including Notre Dame. He finally watched him play and was blown away. He talked to him after the match and convinced the player to come play for Louisville if things didn’t go as well for him in the next few amateur tournaments that he had already agreed to play in. The player said he really liked talking to him and that it was a deal. His name was Novak Djokovic.

Just when I thought I couldn’t like the guy any less, I find out he gave a soft verbal to Louisville and wound up spurning the Cards.

—The kids are all right.

—The Louisville Cardinal breaks down the U of L offensive line.

—Muhammad Ali Stadium would be cool.

—Lamar Jackson agrees (sort of).

—Louisville is geared up for Wednesday and Thursday’s ACC media days.

—David Hale says Louisville has just the 11th-best offensive line in the ACC, which I think is low.

11. Louisville

We’re giving Louisville the benefit of the doubt that the blocking actually got better, but really, so much of this could be a factor of Lamar Jackson’s magic. The sack rate was improved from 2016 (6.9 percent vs. Power 5, down from 10 percent the prior year), but Jackson still faced pressure on 38 percent of non-blitz dropbacks, the worst rate in the ACC.

Boston College is No. 1.

—Your men’s Final Four sites through 2026:

2019: Minneapolis

2020: Atlanta

2021: Indianapolis

2022: New Orleans

2023: Houston

2024: Phoenix

2025: San Antonio

2026: Indianapolis

—Send some good thoughts, prayers, vibes, whatever in the direction of Monica Hardin as she fights breast cancer.

—Congrats to U of L senior rower Sophie Schulz on becoming the seventh All-American in program history.

Forecastle in photos.

—Darius Washington hitting a clutch shot to beat Memphis State in a tournament proves once and for all that the Tigers were the problem this whole time.

—After a big summer league performance, the Dallas Mavericks are reportedly set to give Ray Spalding a contract.

—The praise for Spalding’s play continues.

I talked with Mavs scout and player development coach Mike Shedd after the Mavs’ Summer League game against the Chicago Bulls to get his thoughts on where he thinks Spalding is at right now.

“Ray has definitely opened eyes,” Shedd tells “He is very skilled for his size with ability to handle, pass, shoot from distance, and has great hands. ... We love his demeanor. (He) has a calmness about his game.

”(He’s) definitely intriguing as a development prospect. He has great upside, and with what he has shown so far, it provides an excitement (about) what could come down the road.”

Despite Spalding playing with that “calmness” Shedd speaks of, there’s definitely a fire burning behind that, with Spalding being eager to remind everyone about how many times teams passed him up in the draft – something that’s evident by Spalding choosing to wear the No. 56. According to Shedd, Spalding has “outplayed” his pick so far, going on to say, “His talent and skill is higher than that number, but you just never know how those second-round picks are going to roll out. If it motivates him to use that as drive to improve and prove others wrong, then so be it.”

—Papa John has been kicked out of his office at the Papa John’s Headquarters here in town. That’s gotta be a bitter pill.

—Rest in peace to Mickey Clark, Mr. Cardinal Cannonball himself.

—Well, lava bombs exist and they seem terrifying. So there’s that.

Put it on the list.

—Worst Louisville scandal to date imo.

On National Ice Cream Day no less.

Guess he just wasn’t bout it.

—And finally, could a new “Camden Connection” be forming? Jody Demling writes about class of 2020 star Lance Ware, a standout from Camden High School whose mentor is ... Pervis Ellison.

Ware, who played at Life Center Academy as a freshman before transferring to Camden and averaging 7.6 points and 8.8 rebounds in 15 games as a sophomore last season, was very impressive at the Peach Jam for the NY Rens 16s team. He’s added an offer from Maryland to those from Seton Hall, Providence and LaSalle that he had prior to the event.

Louisville assistant coach Luke Murray was seen at several games watching Ware and the prospect said he’s been hearing a lot from the Louisville staff.

“The new coaches have been talking to me,” Ware said. “I love Louisville.”

Ware said his recruitment was starting to pick up and he had also been hearing a lot from Michigan. He visited Ann Arbor, Mich., last month and said he hopes to make a visit to Louisville “real soon.”

With Ellison in his corner, Ware said it would be “pretty neat” for things to work out with Louisville.

“The program where the person that started all of this for me, that would be great,” Ware said. “It’s fun for me because of what he did there.”

That would be awesome.