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Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium is now officially just “Cardinal Stadium”

Neeli Bendapudi drops the hammer.

Missouri State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Neeli Bendapudi has wasted little time in making her first national headline-grabbing move as the University of Louisville’s new president.

During a press conference Friday afternoon, Bendapudi announced that U of L is removing the “Papa John’s” from the name of the football stadium in the wake of John Schnatter’s racial slur scandal. Effective immediately, the Louisville football team is once again playing its home games inside “Cardinal Stadium.”

Bendapudi stated that while she had the support of the U of L Board of Trustees, this decision was hers alone.

That’s my president.

Bendapudi added that Papa John’s International had offered to help U of L in the process of moving on from the name.

Major props to Dr. Bendapudi and company for listening to the words of their student athletes and acting swiftly on this. This is the right play, and dragging this out any longer wouldn’t have benefitted anyone.