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It’s been a big summer league for Ray Spalding

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Congrats to the former Card.

NBA: Summer League-Golden State Warriors at Dallas Mavericks Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

In the penultimate game of his first summer league, Ray Spalding scored nine points on 4-of-5 shooting as the Mavericks fell to the Clippers in tournament play.

The solid performance was more of the same from Spalding, who seems more likely than not to land a roster spot with the Mavs before the summer comes to a close.

”He’s been really good,” Mavs Summer League head coach Jamahl Mosely told Mavs Moneyball. “He’s been really good. The great part about him is that his demeanor is so calming and quiet. He doesn’t get over-rattled. He just plays the right way. He plays hard. He’s just got a smoothness to his game. He’s done so many things that you ask him to do. You know he’s been well coached.”

In four summer league games, Spalding has averaged 8.5 points and 4.5 rebounds per game while shooting 63.6 percent from the field. The numbers sound modest, but playing time is typically spread around amongst everyone during the summer league, so Spalding has been averaging just 17.2 minutes per game.

In that limited court time, he’s impressed both people who follow the Mavericks closely and fans of the NBA in general.

After two up and down seasons, Spalding was (to me at least) easily Louisville’s best player in 2017-18. We all saw flashes of his ability to have this type of impact at the professional level, and now it’s nice to see that potential morphing into the real thing.