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Papa John resigns from U of L Board of Trustees after admitting using a racial slur


Papa John’s International Rings the NASDAQ Opening Bell Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Papa John’s founder and two-time Card Chronicle Least Cool Person Tournament participant John Schnatter has resigned from his position on the University of Louisville Board of Trustees. The announcement came just hours after Schnatter admitted using a racial slur (the big one) during a conference call in May.

“After speaking with John, I’m confident that his comments, while inappropriate, do not reflect his personal beliefs or values,” said Louisville Board of Trustees chairman J. David Grissom in a statement. “No member of the board of trustees condones racism or insensitive language regardless of the setting. The University of Louisville embraces and celebrates diversity and is a supporter of all its students and stakeholders regardless as to their identity.

”John has tendered his resignation from the University of Louisville board of trustees effective immediately. The board appreciates his two years of service and thanks him for his generous support for so many years.”

Schnatter admitted to using the N-word during a conference call that, ironically, was set up by a marketing firm in order to teach him how to sound more sensitive to the public. Basically, the man is Michael Scott.

No word on who will replace Papa on the Board, but an early favorite appears to be Earl Clark. For me. My favorite.

Also, “Andy’s TV Cardinal Stadium” has a lovely flow.