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Former Louisville basketball players plan to file lawsuit against NCAA

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Good by me.

Manhattan v Louisville Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

A group of former Louisville basketball players plans to file a lawsuit against the NCAA in response to the organization’s ruling which forced U of L to vacate a number of wins and titles, including the 2013 national championship.

The story was originally reported by basketball writer Jeff Goodman, and confirmed to Card Chronicle by a source with knowledge of the situation who wished to remain anonymous.

A group of Louisville fans recently filed a similar lawsuit against the NCAA. The NCAA responded by stating that the suit was frivolous and requested a judge to dismiss it. The University of Louisville, in this instance, agreed with the NCAA.

I don’t know how likely it is that these players will have any success with this (my guess is that they won’t), but I still like it. If you have the financial means to voice your displeasure in a way that demands it being acknowledged by the body that you feel has treated you unfairly, then I’m all for going down that road even if it might not lead you to the destination you originally had in mind.

Keep in mind that the lawsuit which ultimately resulted in Penn State football getting its wins back wasn’t filed by the school itself, but by two state officials. While the details in that case are obviously different from those we’re dealing with here, the main assertion by those lawmakers was that the NCAA acted outside of its jurisdiction and in an unprecedented manner because of the severity of the situation.