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The Cardinal Countdown: 63 Days Until Kickoff

NCAA Football: Florida State at Louisville
Lets honor Day 63 with a pic of the Cards dropping 63 on FSU
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

#63 Nate Scheler

Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-1/288

Position: Offensive Line

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of St. Xavier High School)

Twitter: @NScheler

Thoughts: The local young man from St. X continues to battle up front. Having seen his predecessor Tobijah Hughley transition from a walk-on to starting center Nate Scheler keeps working every day to try and do the same. A statement such as that may have been puzzling two years ago but Scheler was a legitimate contender toe earn that spot heading into the fall last year. Robbie Bell wound up getting the nod but Scheler saw a decent amount of action last year playing in 6 games and acting as a solid center in a supplementary position. I would be shocked if Bell isn’t the man in 2018 as well, but Nate very well may be option #2 if Cole Bentley doesn’t work out. I’ve talked about depth a few different times this year on the offensive line, and Scheler without a doubt is included in that discussion. His work ethic and knowledge of the offense at such an important position should not go unnoticed.


Game 12: Kentucky Wildcats

Key Player: Benny Snell, Running back, Junior

Benny Snell, love him or hate him, is a great running back. Snell was an animal last year against UofL until Coach Stoops decided to run him into the absolute ground…and then run him some more….and then just a little bit more. Snell was the only thing working for the Cats in 2017 and they tapped the well until Snell just couldn’t go anymore, and the offense sputtered across the finish line a full 27 points behind the Cards in a 44-17 loss. Benny finished 2017 3rd in the SEC in yardage (1333) and 1st in rushing touchdowns (19). The Cats, as of today are still looking for a QB to replace Stephen Johnson, a player I liked about as much as physically possible for a guy draped in blue and white. As the new guy learns the ropes of being a starter Snell will likely carry the offense again in 2018 for Kentucky, and if he still has any legs left underneath him the last game of the year you know he’ll give it all he has against UofL.

Sweet Tweet: Nathan’s tweets are protected so instead of looking at his capabilities as a wordsmith let’s take a moment to sneak a peek at the updates going on at PJCS. This came out a few weeks ago but hasn’t fully made the rounds just yet…

Big thanks to Michael McCammon over at 247sports for the footage. Go check out some of his other Louisville stuff as well, all really well done.