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The Cardinal Countdown: 83 Days Until Kickoff

Cincinnati v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

#83 Micky Crum

Class: RS Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-4/255

Position: Tight End

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Twitter: @TooHypeCrum

Thoughts: [live look in at me and the rest of the MCFC waiting for the Mickster to blow up]

If you’ve followed along with me the last couple years you know how big a fan I am of Mr. Crum. Once he signed with the Cards I just knew he’d be a three or four year stud who raked in stats on top of stats. His freshman year made me drop a few winks and finger guns at folks as a quick “I told you about this one, son” but things have never really gotten back on track since 2015. As a sophomore the injury bug killed Crum, limiting his progression and his ability get established playing time. The addition of Hikutini was great for the program but never allowed a second threat to emerge in the group. Cole dominated the position and was the head and shoulders #1 TE the entire season. As 2017 approached I called for a big year from Micky as I thought he and Standberry would take over where Cole left off, but the production was more widespread throughout the whole TE unit on top of the fact that they experienced a small statistical drop-off from 2016 at the position.

So, four years in (3 seasons and a redshirt) are we finally going to reach peak Crum performance or are we ready to see him in a more supplementary role? Take a quick look see at the roster and the good news is we have established some depth at the position. Kemari Averett (Day 11) will be threat no doubt, and as you already read a I still like what Jordan Davis (Day 85) offers. Realistically I think Averett gets the lion share of opportunities as his size and speed are tough to keep off the field, but from a purely selfish standpoint I’m cheering hard for Crum to break some more necks, push down the haters , and become a consistent target early in the season.

If all of that breaks down…..I’ll just blame Klenakis.

Just joking coach….kind of. Don’t blow this.

Sweet Tweet:

If he knows what’s up he’s gonna roll down that 5 mile stretch of wide, wide, Dixie Highway and see 90% of all the new and used cars in the whole dang city, putt a couple games where Jordan played, then grab a slice or two of that Bonnie & Clyde’s.