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The Cardinal Countdown: 96 Days Until Kickoff

Miami Hurricanes v Louisville Cardinals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Before we get started today let me take a moment to honor those who have made that ultimate sacrifice for me and my family so we can enjoy a day off work, food with friends, some time on the water, or however else we each choose to spend our day. You all are remembered and appreciated. For those reading this if you have the funds to do so maybe go drop a few dollars to a reputable veteran organization. If you don’t have the money, an hour or two of your time volunteering is priceless to those in need of help. Everyone can make an impact. Back to the countdown!

#96 Henry Famurewa

Class: RS Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-2/288

Position: Defensive Line

Hometown: Powder Springs, GA

Twitter: @DoubleFAM15

Thoughts: I’ve always been a big FamU supporter, he seemed to have the “it” factor for me when he came into the program and I thought he would be a heavy 3-4 year contributor for the defense. Sitting behind newly acquired Devonte Fields certainly didn’t help early on, but injuries seem to have been the larger issue with keeping Henry off the field and allowing him to get significant reps. This time last year Henry was only a few months removed from getting shot at a house party celebrating Lamar’s Heisman (still insane to type that), yet I still called for him to push for a starting spot and rack up significant PT all season playing that hybrid LB/DL role. In a weird twist of fate, I was actually right. FamU played in all 13 games last season and grabbed three starts against Kent State, Murray State, and Boston College all up on the defensive line.

Henry was a disrupter all season long, finishing 2017 with 23 tackles and a couple sacks. Even though I salute his consistency I would have loved to see a couple more standout games like the one he had against FSU where he was in the backfield all day, grabbing three tackles, getting a sack, and picking up a loose ball late in the 4th when the Seminoles were driving to take the lead with under 3 minutes to play. To put it plainly, he was a problem that afternoon, and I loved it.

Replacing Drew Bailey and DeAsian Richardson is not a job anyone wants to sign up for, but I really like what FamU brings to the table and I think he finally gets an opportunity to shine in his final year. After what appears to be a permanent move down into the trenches FamU has added nearly 30 pounds over the last year or so and his size will be key to filling the gaps he used to try and shoot through. If he can remain healthy I think Henry is a defensive leader all season and is a Top 10 tackler in 2018.

Sweet Tweet:

The 85’ Bears WERE incredible…thanks for bring that up FamU! Probably the best defense to ever step on the field, you had Sweetness coming out of the backfield, McMahon slinging it, and of course, that Super Bowl Shuffle was fire. I legit have a copy of it on an old 45. Come on by the crib anytime you want, we can drop some bars....and I can explain to you what a 45 is.

“…I’m Samurai Mike, I stop ‘em cold

Part of the defense, big and bold

I’ve been jammin’ for quite a while

Doin’ what’s right and settin’ the style…”