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Wednesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

It’s not quite Memorial Day yet, but I still feel comfortable getting the 2018 Card Chronicle Summer Tour started. We kick things off in Arch Cape, Oregon.

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—Chris Mack and the Mack family are back in Cincinnati this week for charitable reasons.

—Josh Rogers might be the next former Card to get his shot in the big leagues.

—Teddy Bridgewater’s tenure with the Jets is off to an impressive start.

Bridgewater, who has barely played in two years since a devastating knee injury with the Vikings, moved well in his first Jets practice. He rolled out several times and made some beautiful passes.

“It feels great,” Bridgewater said of his surgically repaired left knee.

Bridgewater played in a Week 15 game last year in Minnesota — making all of two throws — but that was his only action since 2015. He signed a one-year deal with the Jets, joining a crowded quarterbacks room. He is competing with Josh McCown and Darnold for the starting spot.

“I’ve been working with the training staff. We’ve been making some great progress,” Bridgewater said. “The goal is to get better each day. That’s our primary focus right now. That’s my focus as an individual goal, and we’re going to continue to just make those strides.”

McCown took all 13 first-team reps in the practice. Bridgewater got nine reps.

Bridgewater’s health was a bit of a mystery this spring, so Tuesday was an encouraging sign. Bridgewater could push McCown for the starting job or be a trade chip in August if he plays well.

Bridgewater said he is not worried about the quarterback pecking order right now.

“Control what you can control,” Bridgewater said of his approach. “My primary focus is to be the best teammate I can be, be the best caliber player I can be to help the New York Jets win football games. We’re going to continue to push each other in that room, motivate each other and it’s going to trickle down the line with everyone in this locker room.”

Doubt the man at your own risk.

—Here’s a visual:

—Louisville is the latest to offer four-star linebacker Jared Casey out of Ballard High School.

—Sports Illustrated has more information on the lead FBI investigator who got himself thrown off the college basketball probe because he spent a bunch of federal funds on gambling, drinks and food for himself.

Mike Cassidy, a professor of criminal law at Boston College Law School and former prosecutor, is not involved with this specific case, but is familiar with the fact pattern. “The question for the government: can we structure the case so we can prove this without this guy, without putting him on the stand?” says Cassidy. “If so, you can argue to the judge that it’s not relevant. If not, it’s a challenge because he’ll be impeached and cross-examined. He’s a liar and a thief. Why should you believe him?”

The FBI declined to comment on the investigation. The extent to which a potentially corrupt FBI agent may undercut the government’s case will be borne out in the months to come. But the irony is unmistakable: might a case predicated on the seduction of easy money, of trust betrayed, and of misappropriated funds, be undone by a rogue federal operative who, himself, could not resist the same lure he was tasked with exposing?

—The U of L track and field squad is set for competition at the NCAA East Preliminaries.

—New banner at the little Yum.

—Former U of L soccer standout Tate Schmitt has been tabbed as the top prospect in the PDL.

—Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium might not be getting as many new seats as you think.

—Ray Spalding visited with the Washington Wizards on Tuesday.

—There are now protests against the Top Golf set to come to Oxmoor Center because Louisville can’t ever have anything cool without some sort of struggle.

—The Big Lead ranks Chris Mack as the 13th-best coach in college basketball.

13. Chris Mack, Louisville

Louisville got a good one when it landed Chris Mack. In nine seasons as the head coach at Xavier, Mack posted a fantastic record of 215-97 (.689), with a conference mark of 105-49 (.682). He won two Atlantic 10 regular season titles and a Big East regular season championship in 2018.

Three Sweet 16 trips an Elite Eight run in 2017 and a No. 1 seed in 2018 solidified Mack as a top-tier head coach. As did eight 20-win seasons in his nine years at Xavier. He’ll face new challenges at Louisville, but he’s got a great basketball mind and shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting to the bigger spotlight.

—Can Justify win the triple crown? Billy Reed weighs in.

—Hope they can stay in sync.

Yes, I made the same joke on Twitter. If you don’t like it, Cry me a River.

I made that one too.

—U of L men’s tennis standout Christopher Morin-Kougoucheff has been knocked out of the NCAA Singles Championship.

—Jose Ramirez just went up a couple of notches in my book.

—A four-star recruit picked DePaul over Michigan State and Michigan yesterday. I look forward to working with this young man in the future.

—This was an awesome move by Dan McDonnell and company.

—Chat Sports ranks Louisville at home as the fifth-toughest game on Clemson’s 2018 schedule.

—Ten Louisville programs had perfect APR scores for the 2016-17 school year.

—KSR’s Drew Franklin showed the Cards some love during the Nelly/Juvenile/Bone Thugs concert in Lexington last weekend.

Back That Ass up could solve all of this country’s disputes. I’ve said that for two decades.

—Missouri basketball (and Ohio State and Memphis State basketball) came dangerously close to receiving a postseason ban because of their APR scores.

—And finally, it’ll be a shortened R&R this afternoon because of the Louisville Bats game. We should be on the air around 4:45. Listen here.