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Make money off this year’s Kentucky Derby

140th Kentucky Derby Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Everyone has a favorite Derby horse, but everyone also knows that if you’re serious about making a significant chunk of change on the first Saturday of May, you need to copy off someone who really knows what they’re doing.

Horse Racing Nation’s Mike Shutty is the man when it comes to not just drilling the Derby winner, but the longshots who are going to hit the board and help you cash your exotics. A numbers guru, Shutty has isolated longshots like Golden Soul, Commanding Curve and Lookin At Lee in recent years.

Shutty’s Derby-only tip sheet, known as the “Super Screener,” is available now for 47 bucks. But because Horse Racing Nation is based out of Louisville, they want to offer a special deal to U of L fans.

If you go here and use the promo code “CARD” at checkout, you’ll get 10 bucks off the Super Screener tip sheet. Take Shutty’s advice, make bank, throw hundreds at people like Wes Welker and do it all without taking drugs like Wes Welker.