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Asia Durr pens Players Tribune post

This is awesome.

NCAA Womens Basketball: Louisville at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Asia Durr is the latest athlete with Louisville ties to pen a column for the Players Tribune. I’d recommend that you read the entire thing, which you can do here.

For those who don’t have that sort of free time, here’s a quick summary.

Durr writes about her brother, T.J., and his struggles to fight back from a brain tumor. She also says that T.J. loves U of L every bit as much as she does.

Thankfully — for both me and for T.J. — I picked Louisville, because we love it at UL. And I can say for a fact that the three years I’ve spent here so far have been some of the best of my life.

When I visited the school before committing, it immediately felt like home. I clicked with the players and coaches right away, and the fan base that supports the team just absolutely blew me away.

The fans here are just straight-up unbelievable. I don’t know how else to put it. They’re so loyal and supportive, and our fans are not afraid to travel. I mean, when we play Boston College, our fans are there. When we go to Connecticut, our fans are there. At the conference tournament, they’re right there screaming their lungs out for us.

It’s so cool to be playing for fans like that, and to be part of something that brings joy to so many people.

She also writes about the current run her team is on, one which will continue tonight around 9:30 against Stanford.

And we’re still getting better every day, still growing and pushing for more. Nobody on this team is satisfied with what we’ve already done this season, or with winning the ACC tournament. We’re all chasing something bigger here.

We’re looking to win it all. Period.

And if we do, I can promise you this much: The first person I’m searching out to hug as that confetti rains down will be … a certain University of Louisville women’s basketball team manager who I love more than anything in the entire world.

Asia rules.