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Seedy K’s GameCap: Virginia

This one hurts

If you are looking for a breakdown, an analysis of how the outcome might have been different, what the University of Louisville Cardinals could have done or didn’t do to allow this one to slip away, you will have to keep searching.

I haven’t looked at my game notes.

I haven’t visited the box score or play by play.

I didn’t listen to or read the transcription of any of the post game interviews.

I surely haven’t watched the replay.

This one simply hurts too much.

For me this loss is purgatorial.

This morning after it screeches inside, gnawing at my soul.

This is U.S. Reed Austin ‘81 territory.

This is SMU Lawrence ‘67 territory.

This is UCLA San Diego ‘75 territory.

My desk sits before a big double window facing east.

Outside, between here and the horizon are a grove of trees, their limbs bare weeks before spring.

At this very moment, amber and violet are replacing the darkness of the sky.

In the better light, hints of new growth on those bare limbs are apparent.

All of which observation is too sappy really, too damn allegorical.


It’s all I got this morning after.

This one simply hurts too much.

The sky is clear.

The new day has dawned.

I must move on.

-- Seedy K