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Louisville blows out Pitt once again, 94-60

The Cards have now beaten the Panthers 12 straight times.

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville wrapped up a stretch in which it played four games in eight days with a 94-60 win at Pittsburgh Sunday afternoon. The loss was the Panthers’ 13th-straight this season and their 12th straight to U of L.

The 34-point victory wasn’t quite as staggering as the 101-56 win U of L pulled off a year ago, but it was close. The latter victory marked the largest margin of victory for a road team in the history of the ACC and the third-largest margin of victory in a conference game period.

Louisville scored this year’s blowout by shooting a sizzling 63.0 percent from the field and going 10 of 19 from beyond the arc. Three players -- Anas Mahmoud, Malik Williams and V.J. King — scored 14 points to lead the scoring attack. The Cardinals assisted on a season-best 23 of their 34 made field goals.

Pitt, meanwhile, did stuff like this:

Even with the Panthers being one of the worst power conference teams I’ve ever seen, it was an impressive performance by their guests. Louisville recognized this as a game they absolutely could not drop, and after an uneven opening four minutes, beat the brakes off an overmatched opponent. That’s what good teams do at this point in the season, and U of L is still very much in the middle of the process of persuading the rest of the country that they are a good team.

Georgia Tech and Pitt were table setting wins that Louisville absolutely had to have after the losses to FSU and Syracuse. They got them, and they got them in convincing fashion.

Now you rest up, you get better this week in practice, and you take your best shot at the five-game gauntlet that this regular season ends with. Every game from here on out should make everyone’s hair stand up for two hours. I can’t wait.

Here’s your final box score: