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Wednesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

The kids are ready for the Satterfield era.

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—Spread check: Louisville by 21.

—Your Game Day GIF is here.

—By landing Scott Satterfield, Louisville made out incredibly well for a program that was spurned by its top target. Here are three reasons why.

—Vince Tyra announced Tuesday that Kemari Averett is no longer with the Louisville football program. He also said that tight ends coach Chris Klenakis — who was arrested for DUI just before the start of the season — will no longer be with the program once his contract runs out at the end of the month.

—Some cool behind the scenes shots of Satterfield’s first day as Louisville’s head football coach.

—You can buy Bobby Petrino’s old house in Lake Forest for a mere $1.4 million.

—Bovada has a new Heisman favorite:

Player 11/12/18 Current Odds (11/19/18)

Kyler Murray (QB Oklahoma) 7/2 1/2

Tua Tagovailoa (QB Alabama) 1/5 3/2

Dwayne Haskins (QB Ohio State) 33/1 60/1

Travis Etienne (RB Clemson) 100/1 Off the Board

Will Grier (QB West Virginia) 20/1 Off the Board

Trevor Lawrence (QB Clemson) 100/1 Off the Board

Gardner Minshew (QB Washington State) 50/1 Off the Board

—Gonzaga’a Rui Hachimura is the leader in the very early national Player of the Year race.

—It appears a recent performance of “The Wiz” at the Brown Theater went horribly wrong.

“It was terrible,” Barnett said. “Dorothy was wearing a Walmart dress. They forgot their dialogues ... at one point Dorothy said she wanted to go back to Texas!” (In “The Wiz,” Dorothy is from Harlem while Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” is from Kansas.)


But it wasn’t just the 3 p.m. show that had problems, attendees said.

Tasha McGhee, who went to the 7 p.m. show, said the actor playing the Cowardly Lion didn’t have a tail or a mane on his costume. He was missing one of his paws and was wearing one black sock instead.

”He didn’t look like a lion,” McGhee said. “He looked like a dumb sasquatch!”

It went downhill from there. McGhee said there were several times the cast and crew set the wrong scene and needed to turn off the lights to reset it.

”It was really sloppy,” Tasha McGhee said. “The backdrop was a projected image of a cornfield and a barn. But then laptop notifications kept popping up on screen. They were projecting it off of someone’s computer.”

Best story of the day.

—Former Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant has picked Missouri as his transfer destination.

—Kansas big man Udoka Azubuike will be out “a while” with an ankle sprain.

—Jeff Greer has a fantastic deep dive on the background of Louisville signee Aidan Igiehon and how he went from a 13-year-old in Ireland who had never played basketball to the crown jewel of Chris Mack’s first recruiting class.

Igiehon visited Louisville a second time on the last weekend of September. Solomon and his aunt, Zenobia, came along, and they liked the proximity of the airport to campus and downtown. When they arrived at the debut Louisville Live pep rally held in the Fourth Street Live district downtown, Igiehon noticed how many fans he saw with Irish flags or printouts of Irish flags. One boy ran up and hugged Igiehon, pleading with him to sign with the Cardinals. In addition to Nickelberry, Louisville native David Johnson was one of the official visitors. Johnson, a 6-5 guard, had committed a week earlier, giving Mack and his staff five pledges in the recruiting class. Williamson had pledged five days before Johnson, then sent Igiehon a text asking him, “So what’s the word?” At that point, Igiehon was already in a group text, led by Nickelberry, who changed the title of the thread to “Get Aidan to the Ville.”

A little more than a week later, Igiehon made the call to Mack. It was appropriate, he says, to tell the coaches recruiting him before everyone else learned of his college decision on Instagram. He would become the crown jewel of Louisville’s signing class, which ranks second in ESPN’s team rankings and fifth on 247Sports. Ten days later, he publicly revealed his decision.

“I FaceTimed him and told him, ‘Coach I need to tell you something very important,” Igiehon says, his voice reaching a crescendo at the story climax. “And he’s like, OK, OK, Aidan, tell me. He knew what I was about to say. I started off slow and said, ‘Coach, it’s been a pleasure having you recruit me.’ His face was sad like, Aidan, don’t do this to me. I was just like, Coach, I’m going to be coming to Louisville next year.”

As he broke the news, Igiehon pulled his legs back so he could sit on the edge of his seat. Mack, Igiehon says, shouted, “Oh, my God!” and then fumbled his iPhone off the table in a burst of excitement.

—Shoutout the Waggener Wildcats boys basketball team, which had been 0-70 all-time against Ballard before toppling the Bruins last night.

—Louisville football has a ton of problems, but lack of stability is chief among them. Southern Pigskin says that Scott Satterfield fixes that right away.

—The ACC Digital Network recaps Satterfield’s first day on the job.

—These are the real life stories of players who have taken charges from Zion Williamson and lived to talk about it.

—The 2019 U of L lacrosse schedule is out.

—Muffet McGraw remains the worst.

—The Herald-Leader dives into Appalachian State’s numbers under Scott Satterfield.

—Big Red Louie has five early observations on the Louisville men’s basketball team.

—Shoutout to Ada Rondo — Rajon’s great grandmother — on making her U of L women’s basketball debut at the tender age of 100.

—Congratulations to U of L’s Dorcas Wasike, who has been named the 2018 ACC Women’s Runner of the Year.

—Mike Leach hits expanded FBS playoff opponents with the sarcasm they deserve.

—The hire of Scott Satterfield might not be splashy — I’m still waiting for the first mention of it on any ESPN program or on the four letter network’s college football page — but it makes sense.

—Jordan Nwora earned the gold jersey as Louisville’s practice MVP for this week.

—We’re gonna love this dude.

—Updated college hoops national championship odds have Louisville going from 200/1 to 80/1 in the last three weeks.

Team 11/12/12 Current Odds (12/4/18)

Duke 2/1 2/1

Gonzaga 12/1 7/1

Kansas 8/1 10/1

Virginia 12/1 12/1

Michigan 60/1 14/1

Nevada 12/1 14/1

Kentucky 7/1 16/1

North Carolina 12/1 20/1

Tennessee 30/1 28/1

Auburn 50/1 30/1

Michigan State 40/1 30/1

Villanova 18/1 30/1

Syracuse 45/1 40/1

Texas Tech 125/1 50/1

Iowa Off the Board 55/1

Oregon 35/1 55/1

Purdue 90/1 55/1

Kansas State 100/1 60/1

Florida State 90/1 65/1

Virginia Tech 90/1 65/1

West Virginia 60/1 65/1

Cincinnati 90/1 70/1

Wichita State 55/1 70/1

Wisconsin 100/1 70/1

UCLA 45/1 200/1

Louisville 200/1 80/1

Maryland 125/1 80/1

Ohio State 125/1 80/1

Texas 125/1 85/1

Mississippi State 100/1 85/1

Indiana 45/1 90/1

Clemson 125/1 100/1

LSU 125/1 100/1

Miami (FL) 125/1 100/1

St. John’s 125/1 100/1

NC State 125/1 125/1

Marquette 100/1 125/1

Connecticut Off the Board 150/1

Loyola Chicago 300/1 150/1

Minnesota Off the Board 150/1

Arizona 200/1 200/1

Arizona State 125/1 200/1

Baylor 300/1 200/1

Butler 200/1 200/1

Florida 60/1 200/1

Iowa State 125/1 200/1

Memphis 200/1 200/1

Notre Dame 125/1 200/1

Vanderbilt 175/1 200/1

Penn State 125/1 200/1

Seton Hall 200/1 200/1

Texas A&M 300/1 200/1

TCU 125/1 200/1

Washington 175/1 200/1

Xavier 200/1 200/1

Creighton Off the Board 250/1

Buffalo Off the Board 500/1

—The Miami Dolphins have signed James Burgess to their practice squad.

—U of L field hockey goalkeeper Ayeisha McFerran has been named a First Team All-American.

—Averaging 32.1 ppg, Louisville signee Josh Nickelberry is currently the nation’s 9th-leading scorer.

—Rondale Moore is the 2018 Paul Hornung Award winner, given to the most versatile player in college football.

—Eric Crawford takes a closer look at Scott Satterfield’s contract, which would have made him the 40th-highest paid coach in college football this past season.

—I respect the ‘90s undershirt game. Not quite Tobiah Hopper/Damian Dantzler level, but respectable.

—Former Louisville football coach John L. Smith was fired by Kentucky State on Tuesday.

—In its final tune-up before Saturday’s game against the Cards, Indiana went on the road and gutted out a 64-62 win over Penn State.

—And finally, new U of L football coach Scott Satterfield is on with R&R today at 3:20. You can listen here.