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Now accepting nominations for the 2018 Card Chronicle Person of the Year

The tradition continues.

It has certainly been another mixed bag of a year in the Louisville sports world, which is what makes this year’s vote so intriguing. Even with the extreme ebbs and flows, I think there are multiple candidates worthy of joining the Derby City’s most elite fraternity.

Please remember that the person of the year does not have to be an actual person (Touchdown Squirrel was a finalist last year). This isn’t Sports Illustrated, it’s much, much more serious.

Here’s a rundown of the winners from previous years:

2007 - Tom Jurich
2008 - David Padgett
2009 - Vacant (we forgot to do it)
2010 - Charlie Strong
2011 - Charlie Strong and Preston Knowles (tie)
2012 - Tom Jurich
2013 - Teddy Bridgewater
2014 - Russ Smith
2015 - Kelsi Worrell
2016 - Lamar Jackson
2017 - Brendan McKay

Will an athlete take this thing home for a sixth straight year? Or will we take this thing in a different direction?

The finalists will be revealed after Christmas and voting will begin on the 26th.

Let ‘em fly.