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Ryan McMahon: ‘90s Sitcom Star

On Thursday, the U of L basketball Twitter account posted the following tweet, acknowledging that Ryan McMahon is currently the best free-throw shooter in Division-I:

If the Rutherfords hadn’t already sent out their Christmas cards, I would have demanded that we make ours just this tweet printed out.

Anyway, the stat is obviously cool, but McMahon posing like he’s starring in a cheesy ‘90s sitcom is what really captures the hearts and minds of Louisville fans.

Internet superstar Troy Turbeville quickly leaped into action with the following set of gems:

Yes, I’m aware that “Welcome Back, Kotter” wasn’t a ‘90s show, but it still works perfectly.

The fine details — check the chalkboard in the Saved by the Bell pic — are what really set Troy’s work apart here. Give him a follow if you’re on Twitter.