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Friday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

It appears this Elf on the Shelf took the Brohm news harder than anyone.

—Top U of L coaching candidate Scott Satterfield has been named as the Sun Belt Coach of the Year.

—It appears Ryan Day is no longer an option for Louisville.

—Jeff Brohm admitted yesterday that a healthy chunk of his own family wanted him to return to Louisville.

The pull of returning home was real.

“It has disappointed quite a few people. It has disappointed quite a few people that I’m close to, actually real close to. I get it. But at the same time, you have to be strong in your conviction and believe in what you’re all about. None of us are perfect – I’m not – but I’m going to try to do the right thing,” Brohm said.

“Purdue’s been great and that’s no shot at Louisville. Louisville was great to me,” Brohm said. “I like it where I’m at and I think we have all the resources we need to continue to get better and improve and try to become a contender and a competitor in a great conference to play at a high level.

“Really, the last place I was at (Western Kentucky) I probably would’ve stayed there forever other than this is a step up in football and I need to do it right here.”

Having to deal with questions about Louisville even before the Bobby Petrino firing didn’t help matters.

“When I sit in people’s house and they specifically ask me, ‘Coach, are you going to be there? And I say, ‘Yes’ and even more detailed when people like Rondale Moore and others specifically ask me, ‘Coach, I’m not interested in going there if you’re going to Louisville. You’re not going to Louisville, are you? and I say, ‘No, I’m not going to be there.’

“I don’t think when an opportunity comes that is convenient for you that is a place that means a lot to you that it’s just OK to take care of yourself and your family but what about the other people?”

In the end, Brohm was in a win-win situation personally but in a no-win situation overall.

“Am I going to be taken care of? It’s a win-win. But affecting other people and their opinion of you and your reputation and that’s more important than any other thing you have or any monetary thing you have,” Brohm said.

“I knew I was going to take a shot either way. That’s what I didn’t like about it, but I didn’t ask for this to happen. It happened. I can’t complain about it, but it was tough, yeah, I feel like some people are disappointed.”

—It’s decision day for Moore’s J.J. Weaver, who is expected to commit to Kentucky.

—Our dude Keith Wynne is doing a Reddit AMA on the Louisville coaching search tonight at 7. Be sure to check it out.

—Stefan LeFors: Still the best.

Bring home another one, 17.

—The CJ’s Danielle Lerner lays out three keys for a Louisville win over Seton Hall.

—The Louisville volleyball team takes on Dayton in the first round of the NCAA tournament today at 5:30. You can watch the match here.

—Anas Mahmoud showing out for Egypt:

—After an extreme backlash to the original report, Greg Robinson will now not be the new defensive coordinator at North Carolina.

—There was a repeat champion in Louisville baseball’s annual Omaha Challenge.

—The ACC Network will officially launch on Aug. 22, 2019.

—Feels good to be back to hanging banners.

—The 2018-19 Cardinals are creating a new identity this year without Myisha Hines-Allen.

—After cutting through 9,000 pounds of red tape, Top Golf is officially coming to Louisville.

—Seton Hall star Myles Powell is hoping that Pirate fans show up in big numbers for Saturday’s game against Louisville.

That feeling went a long way in California last week as the Seton Hall Booster Club and West Coast alums made their presence felt.

“Fans were out there all week,” Powell said. “They stayed in our hotel. When we were walking through the hotel they were rooting us on. Little things like that let you know they were there fighting with us.”

There is no doubting the passion of hardcore Hall fans, but attendance has been iffy at times as the program returned to successful footing over the past three seasons. The reasons are complex (cost, tip times, perceptions of Newark) but for big games, like the already sold-out Dec. 15 rivalry clash with Rutgers or the March 9 visit by defending national champ Villanova — people come in droves.

Louisville has all the trappings of a big game, so in South Orange everyone’s fingers are crossed that the seats get filled.

“After the (Wooden) championship I felt there was so much Pirate love,” Powell said. “So many fans tweeted at us. I hope they come out and show us the love Saturday. We need them to get this victory.”

Powell is a player who Chris Mack is already very familiar with.

1. Help Myles Powell. New Louisville coach Chris Mack is all-too-familiar with Powell, who dropped 30 on his Xavier club last year and 26 the year before (in four career meetings with Xavier, Powell averaged 18.8 ppg). He won’t be running free this time. The Hall will have to screen carefully for him and take some pressure off by getting other guys involved. No way the Pirates prevail if this is a one-man show.

—Asia Durr once again played star for Louisville in the Cardinals’ triumph over Nebraska Thursday night.

—U of L women’s soccer standout Emina Ekic has earned All-American honors.

—And finally, we’re putting a bow on a wild week for Louisville sports from 3-6 this afternoon. We’ll talk more about the coaching search and get you ready for tomorrow’s game against Seton Hall. You can listen here. Or not, that’s cool too.