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Your midday Jeff Brohm to Louisville update

Keep breathing.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s decision day for Jeff Brohm ... probably ... maybe.

While the city of Louisville eagerly awaits word on what the native son is going to do, sources extremely close to the situation continue to report that the Purdue head coach is genuinely torn about what to do.

Here’s the latest as of right now (12:20 p.m.):

—The financial situations for Brohm if he came to Louisville or stayed at Purdue were described to me as being “apples to apples.” The hold up has nothing to do with money or terms, it’s all about Jeff and his loyalty to the Boilermaker players. He has a young roster and he sold them all on a vision that he believes can be achieved in the next two years. At the same time, he’s also aware that there’s zero guarantee he’ll ever get another chance like this with U of L.

The timing for all this might be perfect for Louisville, but it’s far from ideal for Jeff.

—The reports of a Purdue team meeting at 11 a.m. or noon are inaccurate. No team meeting has been set as of right now.

—As of last night, those closest to Jeff — including some on his Purdue staff — genuinely had no idea what his decision was going to be and were just as curious as the rest of us. That’s how close to the vest he’s playing this.

Anyone who tells you they know “so and so” and “so and so is saying that it’s a done deal and Jeff told them” is talking out of their ass.

—As far as gut feeling, mine is that the longer this drags out the better it is for Louisville. It’s like in poker when a player feels like they’re beaten but really doesn’t want to lay down their hand ... the longer they mull the decision the more likely they are to lay it down and give into what they secretly knew they were going to do all along.

I know Vince Tyra feels good about the situation after yesterday, confident enough to reportedly (via the CJ) tell members of the 2019 class that he believes Brohm will be coming.

I do think Jeff will pick Louisville, but I absolutely believe that he is sincerely torn. It would surprise, but not shock me if the opposite decision is made.

Keep it locked.