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Tuesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Wyatt Hughes is beyond pumped that the 2018 Louisville football season is over, and is now eagerly anticipating any developments on the Jeff Brohm front.

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—Spread check: Michigan State by 5.5.

—All eyes and ears in Louisville continue to be pointed North in the direction of Jeff Brohm.

Here’s everything I can give you on that front at the moment:

The pivotal conversation between Vince Tyra and Jeff Brohm took place (or is currently taking place depending on when you’re reading this) today. I can’t give you any specifics on the financials, but was told by someone who would absolutely know that Vince needed “to hit a grand slam, a solo home run won’t do it.”

I think the fact that Jeff seems to have demands is actually a positive here, given that there was some big time buzz over the weekend about him suddenly being steadfast in his desire to stay at Purdue. This can still get done, which would make the next few weeks (and months and probably years) a whole lot easier for all of us.

—Football Scoop also has an update on what they’re hearing on the Louisville/Jeff Brohm front.

Sources tell FootballScoop that Brohm, through his agent, put that chip on the table in discussions with Louisville about their opening. Brohm wants years and dollars commensurate with what they see as a process that will take time to rebuild. The ask, we’re told, is meaningful but not what anyone in major college football these days would consider over the top. Thus far, Louisville’s side has maintained that there are other viable options who would accept less and that Brohm should be “more reasonable.”

The song and dance continue, but we have been told that Louisville has put a mid-week “deadline” for a decision from Brohm. Deadlines spur action. If he isn’t willing to commit, Louisville has told Brohm they will move on to further discussions with other candidates. It is worth mentioning however that Brohm’s buyout reduces by $1.1 million either on or after Dec. 5, which is next Wednesday.

Should Brohm not accept the job, the two names sources continue to tell FootballScoop are at the ready are App State head coach Scott Satterfield and Troy head coach Neal Brown. Both are proven head coaches who have won with far less resources than Louisville has to offer.

—The Only Colors previews tonight’s Louisville-Michigan State game.

—Murray State’s Ja Morant scored 38 points and killed a guy last night in Tuscaloosa.

The salty ass Alabama announcer is the second best thing about that highlight. He’s not going to make any money off of dunks like that? I think he might.

It also bears mentioning that Morant leads the nation in assists at 10.3 apg.

—Ricky O’Donnell’s latest NBA mock draft has Morant going 13th overall to the Pelicans. It also has Zion Williamson as the No. 1 overall pick.

—A step up from “University 6,” I guess.

This Week in Schadenfreude focuses heavily on Michigan fans and their belief that the refs caused their defense to give up 62 points against Ohio State.

—Brutal news for Vandy, as star freshman point guard Darius Garland is expected to miss the rest of the season after suffering a meniscus tear. Garland is a projected first round pick in next year’s NBA Draft.

—Jeff Greer gives us an update (you should already know, but this is an Athletic link, please stop making me do these) on what David Padgett is up to.

“At the end of the season, it’s the strangest feeling for a coach, because you walk around for a week or two and try to figure out, ‘What in the world do I do with my time?’” says Pete Padgett, David’s retired dad who is one of the winningest high school hoops coaches in Nevada history. “When his season at Louisville ended and he knew they were parting ways, it was such a unique, strange situation. Am I going to pursue something somewhere else? Am I going to stay here? I think his head was spinning a little bit. But I knew he had enough of a love for the game that he’d find a way to stay involved somehow.”

Now, as the college basketball season swings into action, the younger Padgett has clearer answers to those questions. He did well enough with his audition in July that he was added to ESPN’s broadcaster list, and an ESPN spokesperson says he’ll be assigned to games around the country as needed through the winter. He also plans to continue visiting practices at high schools and colleges, offering advice when asked. He already has stopped by Bellarmine and Louisville this fall, and he visited North Oldham High, where former Louisville walk-on David Levitch is coaching. There will be other undertakings in area hoops.

“After the season ended last spring, it was good to step away and regroup for a few months because it was such an interesting year,” Padgett says. “But it’s cold again and you turn the TV on and you see a game. It’s strange to turn on a game with an ACC team and not think, ‘How are we going to play this team?’ I’m still watching it from that scouting standpoint. It’s good to just watch basketball, though. It’s the first time I can remember when I haven’t been in a gym every single day, but I’m adjusting.”

Terry Rozier is the guest on the latest episode of Rick Pitino’s podcast.

—Speaking of Terry ...

I honestly just wanted to post that for the total despair in the voice of the Pelicans’ announcer.

—Ray Spalding continues to post impressive numbers in the G-League.

—Just one two less.

—Mike Krzyzewski always tries to take advantage of two-for-one opportunities, and he never auto-benches a player with two first-half fouls. More coaches should do this.

—Louisville native and overall brilliant person Jon Bois has released the first episode of his new doc series “Fighting in the Age of Loneliness,” and it’s terrific. You can check it out here.

—Well done, fellas.

—Here’s the U of L recap of the Louisville women’s team’s easy win over Miami (OH) Monday night.

—After one night of play, the ACC-Big 10 Challenge is knotted at one win apiece.

—This is fantastic.

—The new NET rankings are off to a rough start. It also looks like they might stay really bad all season long.

—Here’s what Tom Izzo had to say in his preview of Louisville.

—I appreciate the hell out of North Dakota State’s game notes for Gonzaga.

No need to make things any more complicated than they have to be.

—By a vote of 29 to 22, Clemson’s Dabo Swinney beat out Syracuse’s Dino Babers to be named 2018 ACC Coach of the Year.

—Betting trends would indicate that Louisville has a good chance of at least covering the spread tonight.

—I’m o n the radio from 3-6 tonight previewing the game and giving any Jeff Brohm (or other coaching search) updates that may pop up. You can listen here.

—And finally, beat Michigan State ... and also Purdue.