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Roundtable Q&A With Louisville’s “Super 6” recruiting class

Catching Up With Chris Mack’s first class

Louisville Introduces Chris Mack as Men’s Basketball Coach Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Whether it’s his dope Louisville varsity jacket and glasses, his “uh oh L’s up” tweets, or his daughter hacking his twitter for ACC media day, Louisville’s head man Chris Mack has had quite the first few months running the Cardinal program.

Just two months after his hire he picked up a commitment from top-100 prospect Josh Nickelberry, a player who Mack knew would have an impact right when he committed. Just three silent months later, Mack has received an astonishing FOUR commitments. In September (yes you’re reading this correctly) Mack received verbal commitments from four top-100 prospects.

October hit and so did the rumors. Was it going to be Jahmius Ramsey? Patrick Williams? Drew Timme? Tyrell Jones? or... Aidan Igiehon.

Then the last week of October rolls along and Igiehon takes his official, Williams, Jones, and Timme all cut Louisville off their final-lists, and Mack was in Ireland. It was quite a two-week span which began after Aidan’s official until the second week of October when Chris Mack picked up his sixth commitment from Aidan Igiehon.

Now, the “Super 6” has been formed.

In order: Nickelberry, Withers, Williamson, Johnson, Slazinski, and Igiehon. Four commitments in four straight weeks. Not one week in September went by without Louisville picking up a commitment.

I took the time to sit down and chat with the whole Super 6, and we discussed being the current top class in the country, team chemistry, funniest of the group, and more.

“How does it feel to be the top-ranked class in the country?” - JAKE

Josh Nickelberry: “It feels great. I know we’ve shocked many people. Coach Mack has done a great job with his first recruiting class and I can’t wait to be a part of it there next year.”

Aidan Igiehon: “It feels pretty good being the top ranked class in the country. I honestly expected nothing less because I think coach Mack and the coaching staff put together a group of really talented guys. We just have to keep getting better individually and when we get on campus the real work begins.”

David Johnson: “Man, it feels great. Knowing that I’m a part of something so huge means everything.”

Quinn Slazinski: “Being the top class in the country is definitely something to be happy about, but then again we haven’t gotten a chance to prove it. It’s all smiles now, but we know what we have to do when the season comes.”

Jaelyn Withers: “It feels amazing to be the top class in 2019. Coach Mack and the staff really did a great job recruiting.”

Samuell Williamson: “It feels great having the top ranked class. I’m really excited to team up with these guys in the class as well as the other guys already on the team.”

“Discuss the bond between the Super 6.” - JAKE

Josh Nickelberry: “We are all very close. We talk a couple times a week and keep up with each other. I can tell we will get along great.”

Aidan Igiehon: “Our bond is through the game of basketball. We are just a group of guys who love to hoop and have passion for the game.”

David Johnson: “All of us haven’t met yet, but it doesn’t stop us from staying in contact. Through the chats and social media, it feels like we’ve known each other forever.”

Quinn Slazinski: “We are all in a group chat, we stay connected through that most days.”

Jaelyn Withers: “The bond between the gang isn’t what it’s gonna be at the Ville, but that’s only because everyone is scattered. But we usually stay in touch through group chats.”

Samuell Williamson: “I’ve only met Aidan and Quinn in person, but we all keep up with each other on social media and group messages.”

“Funniest member of the Super 6.” - JAKE

Josh Nickelberry: “Funniest out of all of us would probably be David or myself, of course.”

Aidan Igiehon: “Funniest player to me has to be David, dude is a clown [laughs].”

David Johnson: “Josh is a clown.”

Quinn Slazinski: “I’m going to have to give the funniest to Josh, that instagram comment had me crying.”

Jaelyn Withers: “The funniest guy in our class has to be David, he’s hilarious [laughs].”

Samuell Williamson: “I’d probably say the funniest player in the class is Josh.”

That’s one class down for Chris Mack, as most of the guys will sign during November’s signing period.

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