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One Shining Podcast is coming to Louisville on Nov. 3

I’ll be joining the Duffel Bag Boys for a live show at Headliners.

I’m not saying that One Shining Podcast is my absolute favorite podcast, but it’s 100 percent in the top 68. Mark Titus — of Club Trillion fame — and Tate Frazier are two genuinely funny dudes whose college basketball takes make them a must-listen multiple times a week.

The self-proclaimed “Duffel Bag Boys” recently announced a tour of live shows to kick off the 2018-19 college hoops season, and Louisville is among the stops. I’m very pumped to announce that I’ll be joining the guys at Headliners on the evening of Nov. 3 to tape a live show that will hopefully be somewhere in between legitimately funny and an absolute disaster.

In their infinite wisdom, the guys chose to do the show on probably the busiest sports day this city is going to see in 2018. Louisville plays Clemson in football at noon, the Breeder’s Cup is going on all day, and then the basketball team will be playing its second exhibition against Simmons College at 7. So naturally, we’re going to do our show that night at 8.

With all that said .... tickets for One Shining Podcast at Headliners are now officially on sale.

Now if you’re thinking to yourself that 25 bucks is way too much to pay for something like this, you are absolutely correct. I’ll follow the admission up with this: Whether there are five people there (very possible) or like 17 (that’s the high bar we’ve set), it’s going to be a really f—-ing fun night. I’m going to be coming straight from the track where I probably will have lost a bunch of money and drank too much, and I’ll be walking into an environment where I finally get to talk about basketball while being able to swear freely. It’s a recipe for disaster for me, and a recipe for a good time for everyone else.

As much as I wish the timing had worked out better, I’m still really excited about this, and I hope to hang out with two or three of you all there.