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Georgia Tech Film Review: Fourth Quarter

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


This is the first play of the fourth quarter and the effort is all but gone for the UofL defense. Tobias Oliver came in at quarterback after TaQuan Marshall tweaked his ankle and he breaks off a huge run here even though you can see that he slows up because he expects to be tackled a few yards down the field. I can’t totally blame them, but it’s rough to see guys get put in a bad position from the first snap of he game and because it ends up with this type of play after a while.


I spent a lot of time this summer talking about how UofL’s receivers need to do more after the catch so it was nice to see Dez Fitzpatrick put this move on the defender. The game is out of reach but I don’t think that mattered here. He does a really good job of stepping forward after this catch while making his turn. That changes the target for the defender and he misses the tackle.


I don’t understand why Brian VanGorder is calling a corner blitz here in the fourth quarter with Tech still running the same few plays they had run all game. It’s frustrating because the call means that Dee Smith is now in coverage on the receiver and it takes a guy out of the box because London Iakopo has to play in a true safety role.

This play has a chance to be stopped if there is an extra guy in there to play the pitch man. Even if they ran this play to the side of the blitz, Smith is bailing on the play and there would be no one to take the quarterback.


Jordan Travis had been pretty erratic up until this throw but this was such a good palate cleanser for the missed throws and whatnot before it. He puts this throw perfectly on the money between two defenders. He also makes the throw knowing he’s about to get hit. I don’t think there’s a quarterback controversy or anything like that, but I think that Travis should definitely get split reps at the very least once the team hits seven losses. He needs to develop and he can only do that on the field.