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Judge wants attorneys for Rick Pitino, U of L to discuss settlement

Spare us all the details, please.

BIG3 - Championship Photo by Sam Wasson/BIG3/Getty Images

U.S. Magistrate Judge Colin H. Lindsay has ordered attorneys for Rick Pitino and the University of Louisville to meet no later than Feb. 8 to discuss a potential settlement in their lawsuits against one another. This according to a Monday report from the Courier Journal.

After the meeting takes place, the two sides will have 14 days to submit a joint report “informing the court whether prompt settlement of the case is possible.”

In November, Pitino sued the U of L Athletic Association claiming his termination the month prior had been unjust. He is suing the ULAA for $38.7 million, the total he was set to be paid on his existing contract. The school filed a countersuit in December, claiming Pitino owed them damages for money lost from any vacated games, titles or bonuses.