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Was Kevin Stallings shouting insults at his own fans?

It would appear so.

NCAA Basketball: Miami at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

By now you’ve likely heard that the main story coming out of Louisville’s 77-51 drubbing of Pitt had nothing to do with the Cards’ first ACC win.

Late in the second half, Pitt head coach Kevin Stallings was on the receiving end of some heckles from the crowd. He responded with a jab about Louisville’s current FBI/NCAA troubles.

Stallings admitted to his comments after the game and defended them by saying he wasn’t going to let any fans crap on his guys.

There’s just one problem. It sounds like the comment or comments that irked Stallings may have been coming from a disgruntled Pitt fan, not an overweening Louisville supporter.

Who knows how accurate these accounts are, but if the Pitt coach was in fact shouting insults about paying a kid $100,000 to one of his own fans, well this instantly vaults to the top of my lengthy list of favorite Kevin Stallings stories.