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Thursday evening Cardinal news and notes

How to talk to your kids about losses ...

—During Louisville’s 10-point win over Miami this morning/afternoon (still so weird), Myisha Hines-Allen eclipsed the 1,000-rebound mark for her career.

—Awesome move by David Padgett here.

—The PJCS expansion remains on track to be completed by next season’s home opener against Indiana State.

—Chris Beard has Texas Tech rolling and I think Louisville needs to adopt his rebounding chain gimmick.

Texas Tech basketball coach Chris Beard, who’s in his second season leading the program, began creating ways to motivate his players when he tipped off his head coaching stint at Fort Scott Community College in 1999. He cited the importance of improving his motivational tactics — similar to the product on the court.

He has now begun handing out a gold-link chain — featuring two Ts — for whomever racks up the most rebounds in a game, along with a championship belt for the Texas Tech player who notches the lion’s share of deflections in a contest.

Move over, Miami Hurricanes’ football. Texas Tech has officially topped your bling.

The 44-year-old, basketball preacher said he recognized those efforts are built from an intense, defensive culture.

“I always got kind of a kick going out and recruiting and you see these teams that have on the back of their shorts, ‘Defense wins,’ and then I watch a two-hour practice, and they don’t work on defense one time,” Beard said. “Defense to us is more than a t-shirt or bracelet or something on our asses on our practice shorts. It’s something that we believe in.”

—Proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that yesterday was the dumbest day of 2018 so far, Katina Powell was cited for shoplifting a toothbrush and other items from Walmart. She is set to appear in court in March. We also found out that one of the Powell daughters, Lindsay, was arrested in September for breaking into her aunt’s house and then punching her in the face.

To be brought down is one thing. To be brought down by unsalvageable morons is another.

—If that jersey were a polo he could absolutely pass for a mini-Vince Tyra.

—USC has cut ties with assistant Tony Bland due to his involvement in the college basketball bribery case.

—Iowa coach Fran McCaffrey’s buyout is absurdly high.

—Sign me up.

—Vince Tyra says the misinformation that has been going around has been “unfortunate,” and Louisville still hasn’t heard from the NCAA.

—U of L football offered four players from the same high school on Wednesday.

—Sports on Earth’s Matt Brown ranks every college football team for 2018 and sees a significant regression for the Cards.

53. Louisville. Lamar Jackson had over 10,000 yards of total offense the past two seasons, winning the Heisman as a sophomore and finishing third as a junior. Louisville still lost nine games over those two seasons, creating skepticism about life after Jackson -- which begins on Sept. 1 against Alabama.

—The Miami Herald’s recap of last night’s tilt understandably focuses on Lonnie Walker.

—Louisville City FC’s new soccer stadium plan has taken another step forward.

—Congrats to Donovan Mitchell on being a Rising Stars Challenge selection.

—Don’t give up on Teddy Bridgewater as the Vikings’ franchise QB just yet.

—I think we all harbor some sort of self-loathing about how much we care about Louisville sports, but we should all be comforted today by the fact that we aren’t the guy who broke into the Kansas dorms to lecture the Jayhawks about free-throws.

—And finally, I’m seeing Seinfeld tonight at the Palace and it’s the most excited I’ve been about anything in a while. The perfect post-loss remedy. I hope at least some of you are doing the same.