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Louisville releases full 2017-18 basketball schedule

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Virginia on Senior Day. Joy.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Michigan v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Here’s what you’re going to be doing this winter. Adjust your schedules accordingly.


—UK at 1 p.m. on a non-holiday Friday is bad and dumb.

—If his suspension holds, Rick Pitino will be out for Pitt, At Clemson, At Florida State, vs. Virginia Tech and At Notre Dame. Given U of L’s history in South Bend, he might not mind watching that one from home.

—I hate not having Senior Day on the final Saturday/Sunday of the regular season, but it looks like that’s going to be an every other year deal in the ACC.

—I would also say that I hate having Senior Day against Virginia, but that’s the only time we’ve ever beaten them.

—The North Carolina-At Duke-At Virginia Tech-Virginia-At NC State stretch to end the regular season is pretty brutal.

—Christmas Eve Eve Keonta Vernon. Let’s go.

—Very glad to be following the Kentucky game and opening ACC play at home against Pitt. Always need to both ease your way out of rivalry mode and into conference play.

—At least eight games are going to top-off at 7:30 or later. I know I’m typically in the minority on this, but I love it.

—This is not the most difficult hand that Louisville has been dealt since it made the move to the ACC, but this probably isn’t the year you want to see Virginia Tech twice. Pitt, Florida State and Virginia should all be down, though.