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Card Chronicle is coming back to the radio full-time

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But you probably already knew that.

Timing has never been my strong suit.

With that out of the way, I’d like to confirm the worst kept secret in Louisville and announce that I’ll be back on the radio full-time starting this coming Monday, Oct. 2. “Ramsey & Rutherford” will be on from 3-6 every Monday-Friday on Cards Radio 790 KRD.

This winter is destined to be ridiculous and at least we can laugh/cry through the silliness together. And, hey, there’s still three months of football remaining that could be awfully entertaining.

Outside of that, there’s no pitch here. I’m not a polished lifelong radio professional and I’m not a dude willing to say crazy shit in a shouting voice simply to generate a reaction, I’m just a massive Louisville fan who likes to make jokes and talk about the Cardinals. So I will, again, be a massive Louisville fan who makes jokes and talks about the Cardinals on the radio. I’ll also probably say “ass” too much and get in way more trouble this go-round.

Even given the current state of things, I’m looking forward to getting back out there in another medium and trudging (and laughing) through all this together. I hope you are too. See you Monday.