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Louisville basketball appears tied to ‘pay for play’ corruption scandal

Another dark morning for Cardinal basketball fans.

South Florida Bulls v Louisville Cardinals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Probably the worst part about this “scandal period” of the last two years or so is that every time it’s felt like things are settling down or comfortably quiet, something unpredictably awful breaks and becomes a national news story.

Welcome to Tuesday morning.

The FBI has announced that it has caught as many as 10 college basketball assistant coaches, agents and sneaker executives in a corruption case related to wire fraud and money laundering. At the center of the case are players who had their full scholarship and full cost of attendance paid for. Though not names explicitly, one of the universities involved appears to be the University of Louisville, and one of the players involved appears to be Cardinal freshman Brian Bowen, who signed with the school in June.

You can read the entire indictment here, but the paragraphs below are likely the most relevant to your interests:

The US Attorney is set to hold a press conference at noon to discuss additional details.

Basically, you’ve got the indictment suggesting that adidas dudes are paying big money to get kids to go to adidas schools, and two coaches at U of L appeared to be involved in this happening with Bowen.

This is bad. More as it comes.