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Game Recap: Louisville Cardinals vs. Kent State

We got our first PUMA sighting.

NCAA Football: Kent State at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville’s match-up against Kent State Saturday afternoon gave us about what we expected for a game against a far out-matched opponent. The Cardinals jumped out to a quick 21-0 lead in the first quarter, but slowed down in the second as the first half closed with a 28-3 Louisville lead. The Cardinals were able to keep Kent State to a total of 150 yards as they went on to win 42-3.

Lamar had an efficient 18 for 22 for 299 yards through the air on the day, but did throw a couple of interceptions. He did not record 100 yards rushing this time around with only eight rushing attempts for 34 yards and a touchdown. Cardinal fans got their first look at highly-touted redshirt freshman Jawon Pass after Lamar was taken out when a victory was assured. Pass went 5 for 8 and 75 yards through the air as the offense was just trying to run out the clock.

Also, I wouldn’t be doing this recap justice if I didn’t add this key moment of the game in:

The combination of Wes Durham calling the squirrel’s run along with the crowd’s reaction is absolutely perfect.

This could be a pivotal turning point for the season.