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The Cardinal Countdown: 0 Days Until Kickoff

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NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Louisiana State vs Louisville Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Another offseason has come and gone. We powered our way through 100 days of football coverage and you now have Cardinal football, basketball, and baseball on our TVs until the calendar hits June of 2018. You’re welcome.

This was the sixth year of the countdown here at Card Chronicle and it’s grown not only in terms of content, but in terms of readership, each and every year. I’ll continue to try and keep cranking out the content as long as you guys want to read it....or until my wife finally has enough. Let’s take a moment and look back over the last 100 days at some of my favorite posts of the summer…

#10 Day 68: ‘Weight Limit’

#9 Day 79: ‘Kicking off The O-Line Talk’

#8 Day 90: ‘Fill the Middle, Test the Fans’

#7 Day 99: ‘Beast Unleashed’

#6 Day 23: ‘Keep Your Jerseys’

#5 Day 1: ‘Shifty Samuel’

#4 Day 7: ‘Hometown Hype’

#3 Day 42: ‘INFOMERCIALS!!!’

#2 Day 66: ‘O-Line Belieber’

#1 Day 8: ‘Heisman’

As I say every year, big thanks to Mike for letting my post my nonsense on here, and big thanks to each of you for making me a part of your daily routine the last three and half months. I said 100 days ago that I thought this season could be a special one, and nothing has changed my mind since then. One week at a time, one game at a time, and it all starts tonight.

Go Cards...Beat Purdue.