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Bobby Petrino press conference recap

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Clemson week is here.

NCAA Football: ACC Football Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Video is available here.


—After watching the video, it was a very good win on the road over North Carolina. We didn’t do everything right, but I was very proud of how hard our players competed. They fought extremely hard in the second half and I loved the way they responded to controversy.

—Obviously looking forward to Saturday. Should be a lot of fun. Hopefully the experience will be as special as it was last year when GameDay came to town.

—Clemson presents a great challenge. On offense we have to be able to mix the run and the pass effectively. Defensively, we need to find a way to shut down their rushing attack. They also have three receivers that we know very well, and their quarterback has looked extremely good so far.

—The thing I remember most about GameDay being in town last year was the James Quick catch where he was running down the sidelines and Lee Corso had his hands on his head.

—This is the type of game that is great for our program, it’s the type of game you grow up dreaming of playing in. I’m hoping our experiences last year against Florida State and on the road against Clemson will help us. Last year I felt like we had some guys that were a little too juiced up early in that Clemson game, so hopefully that experience will help them on Saturday.

—Clemson is very good up front. We played against a lot of these guys last year so we know how good they are. What we did last year was went out there and played fast.

—We’ve had three really good battles with Clemson, had our opportunities and come up short. So this is something that’s really important to our players. They should have the confidence to know they can go out there and play right with these guys, it’s just on them to figure out how to finish now.

—Jaire Alexander is improving but is still “day to day.” Jeremy Smith will miss the rest of the season after suffering a fractured toe last week in practice.

—Colin Wilson is really coming along and getting better. We’re going to have to get him cranked up and going with Jeremy out.

—Our run game got better as the game went on against North Carolina. Malik was great with getting yards after contact. That’s a big deal.

—Clemson hasn’t changed much on offense without Watson. Bryant was great at Auburn. He’s a terrific runner and I was really impressed with his deep ball on Saturday. He’s got three great receivers to throw to.

—Seeing Lamar every day in practice should definitely help the defense get ready for this game. We’ll use Malik Cunningham to be Kelly Bryant against our D this week in practice because he’s such a great athlete.

—Malik Williams and Reggie Bonnafon are both really good receivers. They’re both big and strong enough to protect the quarterback, so they give us the opportunity to do a lot of things out of the backfield.

—This will be a very intense football game. We’re just going to go out and play.

—I think the offensive line took a huge step forward in the Carolina game. The technique really showed up in the 4th quarter, especially with Mekhi Becton. Charles Standerry and Mickey Crum also really helped us with their blocking.

—The crowd can make all the difference in the world in a game like this. There’s a reason why we have a lot of sacks at home on 3rd down, and that goes all the way back to the Elvis days. There’s no question our crowd has helped us before, we just have to take it up another notch this week.

—Our guys were very confident during the week leading up to the Florida State game last year. We hope the experience of last year helps them this week.

—In the past, Clemson has always shown us some new things that they haven’t done in the games before. They mix things up really well. It’ll be one of those situations where you have to get better as the game goes on.

—Very disappointed in the special teams last week. We had some tough field position, but their punter did a great job.