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Tuesday evening Cardinal news and notes

Chris Gray takes the 2017 Card Chronicle Summer Tour to Mongolia.

—One more from Chris, who is in the process of moving from Korea to Singapore for the Air Force.

I want that same statue of me some day.

—Coming home yesterday afternoon to see my season tickets sticking out of the mailbox made my heart skip a beat or five. One of the best and last mile-markers of the summer offseason.

—Reading a little bit about the 2000 Louisville-Kentucky football game (the lighting/overtime game) yesterday led me down an interesting rabbit hole that needs to be shared on here.

For starters, the UK kicker who had his chip shot field goal blocked to end regulation was Brandon Sanders, a senior out of Woodford High School in Versailles, KY. That was the only field goal he attempted in his college career. He made two extra points earlier in the game, which would prove to be the only points he would register in his college career.

Previously at Kentucky, Sanders had kicked for the JV team because .... the Wildcats used to field a junior varsity team. That led me to this write-up of a 1999 UK JV team that is loaded with interesting details.

1) Kentucky’s JV team almost lost to Georgetown College’s JV team in a 45-42 thriller.

2) The name of the guy who scored the critical touchdown for the Wildcats was a wide receiver whose last name is Takeshita.

3) The coach of Kentucky’s JV team was Sonny Dykes, the future Louisiana Tech and California head coach.

4) Artose Pinner saw action with the JV team that year. That’s right, Kentucky’s second all-time leading rusher and a future six-year NFL player wasn’t good enough to be a full-time varsity player for a Wildcat squad that went 6-6 and lost four of its last five games.

5) Seriously, “Takeshita.”

There needs to be a full 30 for 30 on this nine paragraph recap of a 1999 college JV football game.

—Lamar and Teddy interacting will never fail to make me happy.

—Western Kentucky has suspended three football players for the team’s season-opener for their role in a frat house fight that was caught on video.

—I linked it earlier, but SB Nation’s countdown of the 25 most beloved college football games since 2000 is a solid read if you’re jonesing for some pigskin memories.

—Scout says the addition of Stephen Field has given Louisville a boost on the recruiting trail.

—This is beautiful.

—Miles Bridges’ summer league mixtape is quite ridiculous. Michigan State will be a problem this winter.

—Four-star power forward Darius Days has Louisville on his list of 11 potential schools.

—Dennis Smith Jr. chose Under Armour over Adidas, and that’s sort of a big deal.

—UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen continues to tell it how it is.

Look, football and school don’t go together. They just don’t. Trying to do both is like trying to do two full-time jobs. There are guys who have no business being in school, but they’re here because this is the path to the NFL. There’s no other way. Then there’s the other side that says raise the SAT eligibility requirements. OK, raise the SAT requirement at Alabama and see what kind of team they have. You lose athletes and then the product on the field suffers.

Don’t get me started. I love school, but it’s hard. It’s cool because we’re learning more applicable stuff in my major (Economics)—not just the prerequisite stuff that’s designed to filter out people. But football really dents my ability to take some classes that I need. There are a bunch of classes that are only offered one time. There was a class this spring I had to take, but there was a conflict with spring football, so…

If I wanted to graduate in three years, I’d just get a sociology degree. I want to get my MBA. I want to create my own business. When I’m finished with football, I want a seamless transition to life and work and what I’ve dreamed about doing all my life. I want to own the world. Every young person should be able to have that dream and the ability to access it. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

—Jeff Walz talks about his USA Basketball U-23 team on this podcast.

—Louisville is the top choice of 4-star defensive end J.J. Weaver out of Moore High School.

—Love the regulators.

—TNIAAM says the fallout from the WakeyLeaks scandal is making it even more difficult for media to do its job.

—I did not know this about Nippert.

In related news: The Keg is never going back there. Ever.

—The Associated Press previews the ACC and says that Clemson’s losses could open the door for Florida State or Louisville to steal their league crown.

—When you’re a Louisville fan who has just retired from a long career working at the University of Kentucky, your best friend knows the cake to get you.

Enjoy your retirement, Laverne.

—Tim Brando revealed on Twitter this afternoon that himself, Spencer Tillman and Holly Sonders will be on the call for Fox when Louisville faces Purdue on Sept. 2.

—I’m not sure a person has ever looked cooler in a picture than Vince Wilfork does in this one.

—Jody Demling says V.J. King is ready to embrace an expanded role as a sophomore.

—Former Cardinal All-American Matt Hughes has advanced to the men's 3000 meter steeplechase final at the IAAF World Championships.

—Comfy Cow has recalled 10 ice cream flavors from four states, including Kentucky, because of e coli concerns. Gross.

—Get to know freshman point guard Darius Perry:

—UK offensive coordinator Eddie Gran says Drew Barker looks like the old Drew Barker, which I guess is supposed to be a compliment.

—AAU teams keep forfeiting games because they don’t like the officiating, which is a bad trend.

—Regular season attendance went down for college basketball in 2016-17, but NCAA Tournament attendance spiked.

—Sports on Earth’s full ACC preview predicts that Louisville will finish 10-2 and also lays out 20 things you should know about the league.

16. Despite the clear problems that need to be addressed, dismissing Louisville's ACC title chances would be foolish. The Cardinals draw Virginia and rebuilding North Carolina (in Week 2) from the Coastal, and they get Clemson at home. Jackson unquestionably has room for growth as a passer, especially as defenses finally find ways to adjust to his athleticism, but he was a deserving Heisman winner who had one of the most impressive statistical seasons in college football history. He's in Year 3 under coach Bobby Petrino now, and he also should have another stellar defense to support him. The offensive line does present significant issues, given the games against the defensive fronts of Clemson, N.C. State and Florida State, but the combination of a historically productive quarterback and a favorable schedule overall could allow Louisville to exceed expectations after 2016's late-season backlash, even if Jackson duplicating last year's absurd numbers is nearly impossible.

—Dabo Swinney says the Big 10 was overhyped and that he knew Ohio State was in trouble way before the Fiesta Bowl even kicked off.

—This tweet gets an A+ from me.

Kudos, Paul.

—All college football coaches think teams in the SEC cheat way more than everybody else.

—The U of L women’s golf team is headed to Hawaii, Colorado, Florida and Georgia this season.

—Las Vegas Superbook has Louisville football at 30-1 to win it all this season.

—The PGA Championship is moving from August to May. Not this year, though. That would be impossible.

—Mid-Major Madness’ ultimate mascot bracket is pretty stellar.

—CFB Country says Clemson is on the verge of being college football’s next dynasty.

—And finally, Steve Jones names 11 freshmen who could play right away for Louisville this season.