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The Night Before Football

NCAA Football: ACC Football Kickoff
Happy Coach, Happy Life
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Twas the night before football, and all through the house

Not a person was watching ESPN, especially not my spouse.

The lucky tshirts were folded in my drawer with care,

In hopes that last season’s 3-game losing streak to end the season would be rare.

My boys are nestled all snug in their beds,

So now visions of Lamar dance through my head.

With Reggie to his right as he prepares for the snap,

As the line settles in and tries not to just stand there and let guys through like the Houston game ugh so frustrating.

When out in the real world there arose such a clatter

Houston, Trump, North Korea, so many things that actually matter.

Away from good memories I flew like a flash,

Closed the youtube hype video tab and threw up in my mouth.

The game that they are playing for free and for show

That gave meaning to downtime and kept feelings below.

When what to my wondering mind should appear,

but a faint memory of WelcometoClemson, and good friends and some tears.

With a little old lady, cursing at Cards like James Quick,

I knew it a moment there must be some trick.

How to enjoy this sport, this school, this game,

Even though the kids don’t get money, only get fame.

Now Houston, now Trump, now endless war and climate change,

Such conflicting instincts, I know this sounds strange.

To the top of Papa Johns I’ll walk once or twice,

Some road games, with friends, they can be nice.

In those moments, maybe you can relate,

sometimes you just want it to be okay to escape.

But with college football, especially now, the NCAA, the banner, the scandals, and how things keep getting worse off field, but seem to be getting better on, escaping just is not quite as easy as it used to be, right?

This poem is a gimmick, like the read option and tax cuts for the rich,

There I go again, a political reference in a pinch.

I should speak no more words, and get back to work.

Try to enjoy Lamar, Jaylen, Tom, without feeling like a jerk.

And laying on the couch every other Saturday, if I can,

watching a game that brings so much joy to the fans,

I’ll spring up on big hits, even after the whistle,

and try not to worry about a nuclear missile.

But I’ll leave you with this, then get out of your sight,

College football is back, enjoy, if you can....whatever gets you through the night.