Kyle Kuric Photo Shoot and Designs

Hey Card Nation,

I haven't posted anything new in a while, but had a cool opportunity a few weeks ago and thought I would share. As some of you long timers may know, I've been creating UofL (and other sports) wallpapers for EVER. About this time last year I decided to turn it into a business, Red Bolt Design. After some initial momentum, life happened and derailed things a bit. A little over a month ago I decided I was ready to ramp things back up, which leads me to this post.

While Kyle Kuric was at UofL he came across some of the wallpapers I had done of him, and reached out to say thanks. We worked on a few things together, then he graduated and we hadn't really talked since then. When I decided to get Red Bolt back up and running, I reached out to Kyle to see if he'd want to help. So, a week before he headed to Russia for his first season there, we met up at Central High School for a photo shoot.

It was my first time actually meeting Kyle, and he couldn't have been nicer. It was a surreal experience going from making wallpapers of him as someone I looked up to and cheered for, to actually working with him. I set my lights up, we spend about an hour getting some shots and talked about his new opportunity in Russia.

Below is a link to a few of the images from the shoot, and a few "Red Bolts" I've created so far. While you are there, feel free to look around the site at some of the other work. If you see something you like, let's get together and make stuff happen!

Kyle Kuric Red Bolt Shoot


Adam Lucas

P.S. UofL football wallpaper coming in the next few days!