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Bobby Petrino provides post-camp summary

Some very interesting notes here.

Heisman Ceremony Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Bobby Petrino met with the media on Saturday afternoon as fall camp concluded for the Cards. Here are some of the key notes.

  • Overall it was a good camp. The players did a good job of focusing on learning and getting better individually. The team is still not close to where they want to be right now.
  • Lamar had a really good day. He showed patience and dumped the ball off. The running backs (Malik Williams, Reggie Bonnafon, Jeremy Smith) had a lot of catches. They are good receivers out of the backfield and can get yards after the catch.
  • Seth Dawkins and Jaylen Smith had big days at wide receiver. It was probably Seth’s best day of camp.
  • The defense had their best scrimmage of camp. They ran full speed to the ball and tackled better.
  • All camp long, it has been 1’s vs 1’s (first stringers). Today was 1’s vs 2’s.
  • Petrino may sport some prescription sunglasses this season, something he has never worn on the sideline. (This eclipse is just making everyone try new things with shades.)
  • Tight ends Micky Crum and Charles Standberry are both getting reps with the starters.
  • The technique of the offensive line has improved a lot. Freshman Mekhi Bacon gets a little bit fatigued, moreso mentally than physically.
  • Cornelius Sturghill has moved from cornerback to wide receiver. Petrino pointed out the main four guys at corner have been Jaire Alexander, Trumaine Washington, Ronald Walker, and freshman Russ Yeast. He also praised freshman Anthony Johnson and thinks he will be really good and has stepped up.
  • The Sturghill move was to get more speed at the wide receiver spot. He wasn’t doing a bad job at corner. He came to Louisville wanting to be a receiver.
  • At linebacker, London Iakopo and Isaac Stewart have been playing well.
  • Lamar Jackson gets upset when he is running during a play and the coaches blow the play dead, because he sees a touchdown coming.
  • Jawon Pass had a really good camp. He has really improved from a year ago. He had some really good days with accuracy and completion percentage. He knows the offense and has the respect of the players around him.
  • Petrino feels good about where the special teams are at this point. He feels like they worked on that more than ever before.

The entire playbook has been put in, but now it’s time to focus on what the team does well at and then concentrate on that.