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Rick Pitino names his top 3 performers of the summer

One will definitely surprise you.

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Bloggin’ Rick Pitino is back with a brand new attack for the end of July, 2017.

Instead of hitting Louisville fans with a complete roster breakdown for the summer, Pitino has opted instead to give Cardinal supporters an update on only the three players who he believes have performed the best through the first two weeks of summer practice.

From the last two weeks I will give you our top 3 performers. Ranking them from 1-5, 5 being the best.

Ray Spalding- Better late than never. The light has really come on with him. He’s working hard and reaching his potential. Spending the time to improve all phases of his game. Jump shot improved and very active at both ends! 5+

Dwayne Sutton- Terrific athlete who plays incredibly hard. His jump shot has much improved and is active at both ends. Great pick-up for our program. This Manual player will give us much needed depth. 5

V.J. King- Has gone from a timid freshman to a physical sophomore. Stronger and now loves contact. Scores with and without the ball. Has to improve his passing but really pleased with his progress. 5-

The other guys all have talent. Their play is not as consistent as the top three, but that is what we strive for in the summer months. We will once again play one of the top schedules in the nation. With our length and athleticism, this should be a fun season for all and recruiting continues to be going well.

You might remember that earlier this summer, Sutton was singled out by Pitino as a player who hadn’t shown him much and who might not see the court if that didn’t change. Now he’s the second most impressive performer on the squad through the first two weeks of practice.

Things on the hardwood change every bit as fast as the weather in this city.