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The Cardinal Countdown: 40 Days Until Kickoff

Boise State Broncos v Louisville Cardinals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

#40 Dae Williams

Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-2/227

Position: Running back

Hometown: Sapulpa, OK

Twitter: @AllDae_

Thoughts: “All” Dae Williams was a great acquisition for the Cards last season, knowing full well that with the departure of Bad-Rad they would need a solid back to help fill the void in 2017 and beyond. With Radcliff, Jeremy Smith, and LJ Scott all still chugging at the beginning of the year in 2016 I was hoping the Cards would put a redshirt on Williams and get a full four years out of him in terms of production. My wish was granted and I was all pumped up to see Dae be a breakout player for the Cards this season. A couple weeks into Spring practice Dae was getting the majority of the first team reps, performing well, and was positioning himself to be a big chunk of the running game heading into fall camp. Then….pop. A torn ACL was the diagnosis and the recovery window was listed at around 6 months back in early April, putting his entire 2017 in a questionable state.

You hate injuries, but you really hate injuries to a kid who was putting in the work to be a big cog in the offensive wheel. From an entirely selfish standpoint, this injury not only stinks for Dae, but puts the team in a tough spot as well. With Jeremy Smith already nursing an injury during the Spring Reggie was thrusted into a lead back role, which at the time we anticipated was a quick band-aid fix, but, less than two weeks from the start of fall camp Reggie is still the #1 back and Petrino talks about him as if that will likely not change before we kick things off in September (Colin Wilson will likely factor into that equation as well).

Dae had a successful surgery back in April and is showing off some mobility already per social media. Even with a fairly aggressive timetable I doubt we’ll see Dae in uniform anytime before late October or early November. In my opinion you’re not throwing him into the fire in his first game back at Doak Campbell on October 21st, and if he’s not 100% why risk it on October 28th at Wake, in a game in which you should win walking away, either? The bad news is that November 4th is a bye week and suddenly you now only have three games left in the season. I have no clue what Williams goal is but I would guess a medical redshirt may not be out of the question down the road depending upon his progress. In a story I feel has been under reported this summer, the loss of “All” Dae Williams could have us all very frustrated at the running attack, or lack there of, early in the year. The offense can’t fall 100% onto Lamar, and losing Williams hurts that cause for sure. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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#40 Kaheem Roach

Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-1/186

Position: Safety

Hometown: Miramar, FL

Twitter: @_IVKaheemR

Thoughts: Roach is a solid pickup for the Cards from last year’s class, holding offers from Auburn, LSU, Central Florida and the fighting Lovie Smith’s over at Illinios. Playing a mix of corner and safety in high school Roach is a good sized defensive back with good awareness and speed and he doesn’t appear to be afraid of contact.

If you’ve followed the Louisville program for the last few seasons you know Petrino, and Coach Strong before him, both love a “hitstick” safety that can not only tackle in open space, but create turnovers. Roach will look to continue that tradition.

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