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The Cardinal Countdown: 42 Days Until Kickoff

Syracuse Orange v University of Louisville Cardinals Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

#42 Tyler Polston

Class: Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-2/250

Position: Tight end

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of St. Xavier High School)

Twitter: @Tyler__Polston

Thoughts: Tyler has been a reliable practice player for the Cards the last few seasons. Sitting behind Gerald Christian and Cole Hikutini for three years, and now Crum, Standberry and Jordan Davis, it’s tough to envision Polston getting major run in 2017 but as always, his efforts do not go unappreciated. Big thanks to Tyler for putting in the reps and the work to help prepare the defense weekly and push the other tight ends to perform every day. Tip of the cap Tyler.

Sweet Tweet: Tyler has his tweets protected so we can’t look at them, but what we can look at is this Purdue football commercial, the Cards Week 1 opponent in Indy exactly 6 WEEKS from today!


#42 Isaac Stewart

Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-2/247

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Twitter: @TheIsaacStewart

Thoughts: If it feels like Isaac Stewart has been a solid piece of the defense for about 4 or 5 years, you’re not alone in that feeling. After taking a redshirt in 2014 Stewart has appeared in every single game he was eligible to complete (26 straight appearances) the last two seasons as a vital component on special teams and now a key reserve at linebacker.

Stewart was probably a little disappointed that Kelsey returned last season as I think he would have had a decent shot at stealing the vast majority of playing time at that spot if Kelsey left early. With Kelsey gone this year I think Stacy Thomas and Stewart are the two guys on the inside who will eat up clock and feast on runs up the gut (with Amonte Caban not far behind). In the recently released depth chart it appears Stewart is behind Thomas at MLB…BUT…that chart also shows the Cards running a 4-3 defense and has Hearns and Young both listed as defensive ends…and Reggie at starting running back…and London Iakopo and Khane Pass as starting linebackers. So, what the hell do I know.

Stewart, if healthy, will see action in all 13+ games this year without question and position himself as someone who has defensive captain potential in 2018. I’d expect him to best his 24 tackles and single sack from last year in a more prominent role this season. While its yet to been seen how Sirmon will call games I think the “feed the studs” mentality on the offensive side of the ball will bleed onto the defense and Sirmon will give his “studs” opportunities to make plays. That includes Stewart.

Sweet Tweet:

Same reaction I give Mrs. CardinalStrong when she shoots down my infomercial purchases. Relive my pain here, here, and here….and here.

Me: I think it’s time we finally break down and buy a clapper. We’ve been holding out on the fun for years.

Mrs CardinalStrong: We have no need for one of those. Where would you even put it?

Me: I was thinking it would be cool to jerry-rig it to the garage door. I walk outside, clap my hands a couple times and boom, door starts rising right in from of me. Amazing, right?

Mrs CS: No, that’s dumb. Just hit the button on the wall. How much time do you save by walking out there and clapping [starts clapping] versus just hitting the butt…[hears garage door raising in the background]

[stares intently at me]

Me: Uh…You’re welcome?

Me: Babe, we gotta get one of these things, it rips the dead skin right off!

Mrs CS: Those are so gross. Aren’t you afraid it will tear up your pretty little feet?

Me: Wow, easy there Rex Ryan. It’s specifically engineered to only remove the dry skin, it’s perfectly safe, plus… who said it was for me?

Mrs CS:…..

Me: I mean, you got a few spots that could use a scrape or two. Felt like I was getting hit with some 150 grit last night when your heel rubbed on my calf.

Mrs CS: Ya know what.......go ahead and order it,….and then pray…pray to the God of tiny “foot cheese graders” that I don’t get my hands on that thing before you do, because I’m gonna....

Me: Ummm….I think we’re good. You’re right, we probably don’t need it….please don’t hurt me.