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ESPN’s “perfect college basketball team” has Rick Pitino as head coach, John Calipari as assistant

Page views. Page views. Page views.

Kentucky v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It’s July 19, which means we are in the heart of “what in the hell am I going to write/talk about today” season.

I have been painting my back deck for the past five days and got made fun of by some teens for my socks while I was walking the dog yesterday. There are 5,000-word posts on both of these events coming your way soon.

Myron Medcalf of ESPN went a different direction this morning, choosing an excursion that centers around “building the perfect college basketball team.” The player selection process is interesting enough, but the real juicy stuff comes when he gets to the coaching staff.

Head coach: Rick Pitino, Louisville Cardinals

Proved by his national title runs at Kentucky (1996) and Louisville (2013), Pitino can manage egos and build a variety of personalities into a motivated and competitive vessel. And that's what this group needs. Plus, you know he'll lose his mind if these guys fail to defend. You need grit and resilience. That's what Pitino preaches.

Assistant coach: John Calipari, Kentucky Wildcats

Yes, Calipari under Pitino. Could you imagine? We can. The two would comprise the perfect coaching combination. Pitino's defensive strategy with Calipari's fluid offensive approach would make this group a monster against any opposing all-star cast.

John Beilein and Jay Wright are Medcalf’s other assistant picks, but for some reason I feel like the reactions from Michigan and Villanova fans aren’t going to be quite as extreme as those he gets from supporters of the Lexington Basketball Academy.