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The 5 biggest takeaways from Louisville’s ACC media day

Jaire’s got moves. And other notes.

NCAA Football: ACC Football Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Whether we’re talking about football or basketball, media days are something of an outdated circus. They were always summer or fall spectacles that gave us mostly meaningless information, but now they’re summer or fall spectacles that are giving us mostly meaningless information that we’ve already been privy to throughout the preceding 100 days or so.

And yet, here we are talking about the latest installment of Louisville football’s experience with the ACC Kickoff.

Here are the five biggest takeaways from said experience:

1. Lamar Jackson has a new look

Thursday saw Lamar Jackson become just the second reigning Heisman Trophy award winner to hold court at the ACC’s media days. He did so sporting a fresh suit and an unfamiliar hairstyle.

Oh, man, this is crazy.

Just never start wearing socks with loafers. Or stop scoring touchdowns.

2. We have a depth chart

The release of the U of L media guide gave Cardinal fans their first opportunity to break down a depth chart. The two-deep featured a number of surprises including Reggie Bonnafon being listed as the team’s starting running back.

Bobby Petrino had this to say about the senior from Trinity who began his Cardinal career as Petrino’s QB1.

I'm excited about our running backs. Reggie Bonnafon has been back in the backfield full time, does a great job back there, is big enough to pass-protect, has great hands and really can run with the ball after the catch, so the more reps that we give him from that, the more touches we get him, the better football player he's going to be. I kind of felt like last year I didn't get him the ball enough and we weren't able to utilize him as much as we were the year before, so we're going to make sure that doesn't happen this year.

You can see the full depth chart and my initial reaction here.

3. Jaire Alexander is the Justin Timberlake of U of L.

(Friday Night Lights grandpa voice) Annnnd he can sing.

It was very cool to see Jaire’s personality on display throughout the day. In a sport with as many players as football, sometimes even the standout performers can come and go without there being a sense of the fans getting to know anything about who they are off the field.

4. Lamar Jackson continues to mention the national championship

It’s a little thing, but I still like hearing the most important people associated with Louisville football not shying away from talking about the sport’s ultimate prize.

Q. Just wondering what you had in mind for an encore this year. How can you possibly improve on last year?

LAMAR JACKSON: Well, you know, start off with giving my all. We start with Purdue, and each and every game, just going to go out there and try to get a victory. I'm trying to win more games than last year, and the biggest goal is the National Championship.

5. Dino Babers is still a hard guy to dislike

This might be the best quote I saw from Thursday.

When something traumatizing happens to you, you can either laugh or cry when you look back. Credit Babers for being able to laugh.