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Friday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Louis Samuels made a worthwhile stop in Indianapolis on his way home from Chicago Thursday night. People don't forget.

I_medium The honors keep pouring in for Brendan McKay, who was named's Player of the Year today. Both McKay and Drew Ellis were named first team All-Americans by the publication. Lincoln Henzman was named a third team All-American.

I_medium McKay was also named the recipient of the 2017 Dick Howser Trophy on Friday, which hopefully is a real baseball award and not cause for another NCAA investigation.

Yes, I made the same joke earlier, but not everyone is on Twitter ... mom.

I_medium Let's go.

I_medium Congratulations to U of L national champ Edwin Kibichiy, who has been named the ACC Men's Track Performer of the Year.

I_medium Cardinal Sports Zone reminds everyone that the sun came up this morning.

I_medium "Theresa, you're going to need to go to J-Mall and bring your dad home again. Yeah he's still wearing the shirt."

These people, man.

I_medium The Hurley family is unquestionably over-the-top, but the closing of St. Anthony still makes me sad.

I_medium Lonzo Ball writes a letter to his dad for The Player's Tribune.

I_medium Drew Ellis talks dogpile.

I_medium The Vikings says that Teddy Bridgewater looks like he was never hurt, which is quite awesome.

I_medium Oregon State's ace, whose sexual assault of a 6-year-old when he was 15 was made public last week, will not play in Omaha this week.

I_medium Except, you know, when it comes to actual wins and losses.

I_medium CC alum Haley O'Shaughnessy has a really good read on yesterday's events for The Ringer.

I_medium Seven percent of all Americans believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows, because of course they do.

I_medium We all cope in our own ways.

I_medium Fans have one of the 200 votes for the Golden Spikes Award, so cast your vote for Brendan McKay here.

I_medium This is a really good story. Coach K isn't all bad.

I_medium Mitchell also tweeted yesterday that he believes Louisville is going to win the national title in 2018.

I_medium Scout has updated its class of 2019 basketball rankings, and three of its top six prospects lists Louisville among their top schools at the moment. Trinity standout David Johnson is also ranked No. 31 and is a four-star prospect in the new rankings.

I_medium Kyle Funkhouser delivered his first professional complete game shutout earlier this week.

I_medium There a handful of semi-major rule changes coming to college basketball in 2017-18.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel on Tuesday approved extending the coach's box to 38 feet for the 2017-18 men's basketball season.

The coach's box was 28 feet, but NCAA Men's Basketball Rules Committee members believe this will allow coaches to improve communication with their teams, especially when the teams are at the opposite end of the court.

The panel also approved a rule permitting a reset of the shot clock to 20 seconds when the ball is inbounded in the frontcourt after a foul by the defense. If more than 20 seconds remains on the shot clock, the shot clock will not be reset.

Also, next season fans will notice that throw-in spots will occur from more consistent spots in the frontcourt when the offensive team retains possession after a nonshooting foul or other stoppages in the game.

The location of all throw-ins in the frontcourt will be determined by an imaginary line drawn from the corner of the court to the intersection of the lane line and the free-throw line. If the stoppage of play is inside this area, the throw-in will occur on the end line 3 feet outside the lane line.

If the stoppage occurs outside this area, the throw-in will be at the nearer sideline at the 28-foot mark. Deflections will continue to be put back in play at the nearest out-of-bounds spot. Throw-ins in the back court will continue to be at the nearest spot.

You can see all the rule changes here.

I_medium Fourteen ACC baseball players were named NCBWA All-Americans, the most of any conference.

I_medium If you watched the Golden State Warriors victory parade yesterday then you likely saw Damion Lee -- who is dating Stephen Curry's sister -- riding atop the truck with Curry and Ian Clark, among others. Pretty cool experience.

I_medium Good news on the recruiting front from maybe the hottest name in the 2018 class right now.

I_medium IBJ Publishing reacts to yesterday's NCAA ruling. I won't chastise you if you choose not to click on that link.

I_medium Mark Schlabach wrote a column for ESPN expecting Louisville to not get punished at all. Then Louisville got hammered and he figured he'd already typed the words so he might as well publish them.

I_medium Get paid, young man.

I_medium What effect will Louisville's punishment have on North Carolina? Probably none.

I_medium U of L football will be looking for a more balanced offense in 2017.

I_medium SB Nation breaks down the biggest strengths of all eight College World Series teams.


Brendan McKay may be college baseball's most complete player, with the ability to pitch and hit well. His tools are complemented by the hard-hitting Drew Ellis, who bats immediately after McKay in the order — a deadly duo to have to deal with so early in the Cards' lineup.

McKay's arm and bat tandem earned him the John Olerud award this year, given to the best two-way player in the country. He's recorded 385 strikeouts in his career, a program record, and this year knocked out 17 home runs, and if a pitcher tries to work around him, Ellis is there waiting just behind.

I_medium In its fourth straight trip to Omaha, TCU believes this year is its year to bring home the hardware.

I_medium Shining the bat signal over Los Angeles in honor of Adam West is pretty cool. I grew up with the old campy Batman and adored it when I was a kid.

I_medium The staff over at Frogs of War all like TCU to make it out of their side of the bracket, but see Louisville as their biggest obstacle.

I_medium This has been an exhausting week. I plan on having a million drinks and yelling stuff at Bono tonight. I hope you all plan on doing something similar.

I_medium And finally, beat Texas A&M.