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The Cardinal Countdown: 93 Days Until Kickoff

Florida International v Louisville Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images

#93 Gary McCrae

Class: Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-4/252

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Cuthbert, GA

Twitter: @maccaregary

Thoughts: Gary, originally a Georgia commit, came to the Cards through EMCC (East Missisisippi Community College) last year. After finalizing some late academic requirements Gary made it to campus during Fall ball and tried to get caught up with the schemes being run, the Grantham defense, etc in a very short period of time. It proved to be about as difficult as it sounds as McCrae saw very little live action in 2016. I could provide you some more info about Gary but I’ll let the person who knew him much better than me, and who also happens to be slightly more attractive than me, fill you in…

(By the way, if you missed ‘Last Chance U’ last year on Netflix, go check it out, well worth your time)

This season, with another year under his belt, I’d expect to see a lot more of Mr. McCrae in the Sirmon defense. Although he can be a bull in a china shop at times, Sirmon highlighted McCrae’s energy in the Spring and how impressive it is to have the talent of both McCrae and Hearns on the outside (the position group he coaches). If you read yesterdays post I briefly touched on the development of GG Robinson and how important it will be for him to develop with three seniors on the starting line. I throw McCrae in that same group as well. With Hearns, and Young both being Seniors I want to see McCrae transition into an every down type player, even if the playing time isn’t there for him to be that this season. He has the measureables to be just as impactful off the edge as Hearns, getting into the backfield, disrupting the quarterbacks rhythm, breaking up passes, etc. I want to see flashes of that from him this year.

Sweet Tweet:

If you’ve seen my man Gary he does in fact have “some ink”. Like, a lot of ink. He loves his tattoos for sure, which got me thinking…he’s still young enough he may not regret any of them specifically right now, but some of us on here surely have a tat or two we may not be proud of. Care to share your story of a regretful tattoo below? We’re all family here. Lets kick off June the Card Chronicle way…completely embarrassing ourselves.