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The Cardinal Countdown: 94 Days Until Kickoff

Kentucky v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

#94 G.G. Robinson

Class: RS Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-4/302

Position: Definsive Line

Hometown: Lilburn, GA

Twitter: @GGRobinson

Thoughts: I’ve been excited about seeing the player GG Robinson turns into for awhile. Cards had some late drama in his recruitment (push from Auburn) but ended up holding onto the athletic Robinson, who many projected at the time too be a future starter for the Cards. Well, that time may be quickly approaching for GG. As some talented upperclassmen are now graduating GG is going to have a much more pronounced role in this defense than he did last year (9 appearances, 2 tackles) along the line. Not much was expected from Robinson in 2016 as the Cards had some veterans up front and he was still considered a freshman in terms of eligibility, but as 2017 rolls around the depth chart isn’t quite as deep, and although the talent in front of him is pretty damn impressive (Bailey, Richardson,Williams), he will absolutely be relied upon to make plays this year.

While I can’t speak for Sirmon specifically, it’s pretty universal for all defensive coordinators to have some type of rotation up front because those 6-3 or 6-4 300lb grown ass men simply can’t be every down type players. Last year players like Shortridge & Richardson saw the field nearly every single week and were asked to contribute even though they weren’t considered “starters”, and they did exactly that. Robinson fits that same mold this year but I actually think he will be watched closely all Fall by the staff to see if he could potential steal a job heading into the season. Robinson got some first team run in the Spring and seemed to perform well from everything I read/saw. My gut tells me the coaches stick with the Bailey/Richardson/Williams front to start the year due to their experience but don’t be shocked if Robinson starts a game or two at some point in 2017. With the projected starting defense this season being very senior-heavy his production and improvement is important for the unit to be successful this year, and absolutely vital for a successful 2018.

Last year at this time I called GG a potential Sheldon Rankins type player as he fit the mold of a big, athletic, and very intelligent lineman….and I’m not walking that prediction back. You can call me a hype-man or overly optimistic about his progression but I really think he has the intangibles to play at the next level, and this is the year he starts to show it.

Sweet Tweet:

Whoa GG….we’re just 6 days into the countdown man, give me a chance to get into the groove man. After I just complimented you up there you’re gonna come at me with some “poor start” heat?! I still got funny infomercial posts, hidden song titles, info graphics; in depth stats nobody else is covering...we’re just now cranking the engine, bro. Give it some time. Besides, who else is spitting Tabarious Peterson knowledge with 4 months until kickoff?!! Huh?! Huh?!

Thats what I thought…

I OWN May football talk!

(Nobody else start talking about football in May, please)