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The Cardinal Countdown: 96 Days Until Kickoff

Miami Hurricanes v Louisville Cardinals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Before we get rolling, a solid handclap to every single person who has served our country and paid the ultimate price so that some clown like me can type random posts about amateur athletes. Could never do enough to show my appreciation. Thank you.

Let’s get back at it…

#96 Henry Famurewa

Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-2/275

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Powder Springs, GA

Twitter: @DoubleFAM15

Thoughts: I’ve been on the FamU hype train for over three years now, and even though we had a few derails (injuries, DeVonte Fields stealing PT, getting SHOT IN THE FREAKING ARM..AND FOOT, etc) I think we’re back on track heading in 2017. Henry was somewhat limited in practice this spring still recovering from the gunshot wounds he experienced at the same party James Hearns was attending back in December (for those keeping track, thats 2 out 3 players on the Countdown so far who were shot last year. Come on city of Louisville, you can do better). While FamU didn’t get any starts last year he did make an appearance in nine games and had ten tackles and two sacks to show for his efforts. After battling back from a torn labrum in 2015 it’s easy to pinpoint why FamU isn’t already a household name for the defense heading into his fourth year as a Cardinal. If, and that is unfortunately a big if, FamU can remain healthy I think he not only remains in the rotation but becomes a player we see multiple times every game, making an impact for the defense.

I never put a huge emphasis on who's starting and who's not (call me baby Pitino), especially in football where depending upon what package you start out with the personnel can change every week. With that said, I’d consider Henry a legit “starter threat”, which is a term I just 100% made up. What I mean is that he has the ability to push the first team guys for reps as we move into the fall even if he technically never becomes an official starter until next year. Make sense? If not I’ll be happy to fabricate some more terminology to better explain myself. Never stopped me before.

Sweet Tweet:

Just putting this back out into the universe. Not saying a word.