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Tuesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Maverick Smith wants all Louisville fans to know that they got the better Maverick in the end.

I_medium Louisville baseball ends its homestand tonight at 6 when it hosts the Fighting Don't Call us Miami of Ohios from Miami of Ohio. Here's your preview of the midweek tilt.

I_medium Sport's Illustrated's first mock NFL draft for 2018 has Lamar Jackson going to the Arizona Cardinals at pick 18. Jaire Alexander also goes in the first round to the New England Patriots.

I_medium SB Nation has Lamar going seven picks earlier to the Chargers.

11. Los Angeles Chargers: Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

Jackson is going to be the biggest wild card of draft prospects this college football season. He's a work in progress in the pocket, but he could sit a year behind Philip Rivers and learn.

I_medium Jaylen Johnson's guilty plea to possession of marijuana in Woodford County has been thrown out.

I_medium His mom, Janetta Johnson, says the whole situation has been very weird.

Johnson, a 6-foot-9 forward who is leaving U of L to pursue a professional career, told police that the small amount of marijuana found in the backseat of his car was not his, his mother said.

"It was just weird - the whole thing," Janetta Johnson said. "I've never seen anything like this. If I would've known about it when it happened, I would've said, 'Oh, heck, no.' I don't care if it would take a year, I would've told him that he's not pleading guilty to anything he didn't do."

The public documents detailing Johnson's case now list the vacated judgment with an order to void the conviction and seal the records. A spokesperson for the Woodford County District Court said there is no longer public access to Johnson's case file and would not comment further.

Johnson's mother said her son spoke with the officer during the incident, which took place March 22, and that the officer knew Johnson wasn't intoxicated. That, she added, is why her son only received a citation.

"I just feel so bad because everybody was so quick to say all over the world that he pleaded guilty," Johnson's mother said. "I tried to tell people he didn't do this. He told the officer that he didn't know how it got into his car."

I_medium The American Athletic Conference keeps trying to see that we have a "Power 6" now. The on-field numbers don't support that claim.

I_medium Duke outdueling Eastern Kentucky for a 2017 point guard recruit is my favorite story from May so far.

I_medium William & Mary grad transfer Jack Whitman is headed to Kansas along with 95 percent of the other available transfers in Division-I.

I_medium Happy DePaul hazing offseason ... season.

Third best time of the year.

I_medium U of L commit Courtney Ramey continued his big spring with a 19 and six effort in his most recent AAU game. You can see highlights here.

I_medium Still the best Derby video on the internet.

I_medium When I see a story titled "5 heroic horses winning with only one eye," yeah I'm gonna share it here.

I_medium If you missed the news yesterday, Commonwealth Stadium is now Kroger Field. Everyone had fun with it.

I_medium Good tweet.

I_medium Quick reminder that the Card Chronicle Derby Eve Gala will once again be going down at Andy's TV this Friday night. It's a great option if you're not headed to the Barnstable Brown or some other other Derby Eve party but still want to feel like a star. B.J. Flynn, Damian Dantzler and Brad Gianiny are all down as "maybes" to attend. Tickets are $5,000. Cash only.

I_medium Josh Stowers learned a lot while sitting behind Corey Ray last season. Now his patience is paying off.

I_medium Guy's just puttin' it allll out there.

I_medium Fourteen things you may not know about the Kentucky Derby. Or maybe you do know them. Or maybe you only know a few. There's only one way to find out.

I_medium Keep rolling, Terry.

I_medium Brendan McKay has been named the ACC Player of the Week for the sixth time this season. That's tied for the most honors in a single year in league history.

I_medium Both McKay and teammate Drew Ellis got a nod for Collegiate Baseball's national Player of the Week.

I_medium This is bravery personified.

I_medium Ja Rule's Fyre Festival being an absolute disaster is the best story of 2017.

I_medium JuCo corner Antonio Howard took an official visit to U of L on Monday. He would be eligible to play this fall.

Also shouts to Chris Klenakis for that Kendrick Lamar-inspired graphic.

I'm just assuming the idea was all Klenakis because that thought makes me happy.

I_medium Donovan Mitchell returning would likely break this streak. I'd find a way to manage.

I_medium Philadelphia Eagles fans are still not happy about the team taking Marcus Smith in the first round a couple years ago.

I_medium Louisville volleyball players Jasmine Bennett and Amanda Green have been named to the US Collegiate National Team.

I_medium And finally, a look at the swag that Louisville hotels are offering for Derby this year.