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Thursday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Cardinal fan Aleah Marie was recently in a bad minibike accident, but a visit from Rick Pitino, Quentin Snider and Ray Spalding did wonders to lift her spirit. Get better, Aleah.

I_medium The complete 2017-18 college football bowl schedule is here.

I_medium Jeff Greer catches up with Russ Smith, who talks about his professional struggles and his efforts to reconnect with Louisville.

At the NBDL mini-camp, he dished out 15 assists vs. five turnovers, making 22 of 43 shots from the field and averaging 18 points in four games.

"As you grow and get older in life people stereotype you," Burroughs said. "The older you get, the harder it becomes. ... That's the challenge. Your window of opportunity shrinks every year. If he buys into that role (teams want from him), then he may have a shot at sticking in the NBA."

Smith's dad has noticed a bit more verve from his son, some hop in his step. But the NBA has never been the end-all, be-all for his son. Plus, Smith already got the free college education his dad wanted him to get.

Russ Jr. could stop playing tomorrow, his dad says, and he would be happy.

"Because he's already accomplished so much more than he could imagine," Russ Sr. said.

But he says his son is not a quitter. That's not how he raised him. He is an adapter.

And Smith will keep adapting until he parks in a spot where he fits.

"I'm making progress," Smith said. "I'm getting older, so it's about the time that I start turning the corner the right way. ... Eventually, I'll get another opportunity. It's just a matter of where I fit in. Once I find somewhere to fit in, I know I'm going to stick."

Could be mayor of Louisville some day. Or President. He'd have my vote for either.

I_medium It seems strange to me to create a draft scouting report for Lamar Jackson before he takes the first snap of his junior season, but hey, here's one.

I_medium Louisville has offered class of 2020 quarterback Harrison Bailey from Marietta, Ga.

I_medium Elite ball boy play right here.

I_medium The ACC announced the future schedules for Notre Dame football this morning. Louisville will host the Fighting Irish in 2019, 2023, 2030, 2033 and 2035, and will visit South Bend in 2020, 2026 and 2032. I'm gonna be at least 35 for the last of those games. Maybe older.

I_medium Seton Hall, a team Louisville will face this December, was dealt a huge blow on Thursday when big man Angel Delgado opted to keep his name in the NBA Draft.

I_medium The U of L men's tennis team begins play in the NCAA tournament tomorrow against Central Florida. Here's your preview.

I_medium Brad Stevens would prefer it if Terry Rozier would quit f---ing around.

I_medium Uber drivers say the company reneged on its pay guarantees for Derby weekend. That's because Uber is the worst.

I_medium Pat Forde's look at Archie Miller's first few weeks as Indiana's new head coach is good.

I_medium Rick Pitino's still got game.

I_medium Education pays. At least for head coaches.

I_medium The first trailer from "All or Northing" features Jeff Fisher telling Rams players that he's been fired, and it's oddly moving.

I_medium MaxPreps focuses on Ballard baseball star/U of L commit Jordan Adell.

I_mediumgreat look at Second Stride horse farm via an outsider from Iowa.

I_medium I dig this.

I_medium The ACC rowing championship is up next for the U of L rowers.

I_medium Second-seeded Louisville softball opens up ACC tournament play today at 5 p.m. against NC State. Five players from the team picked up all-conference nods on Thursday.

I_medium Always Dreaming has arrived in Baltimore for the Preakness.

I_medium CBS ranks Bobby Petrino as the 13th-best coach in all of college football.


Bobby Petrino (25): If you give Petrino an average quarterback, he'll make him into a good quarterback. If you give him a good quarterback, he'll give you something amazing. Lamar Jackson is the latest proof, and while he's yet to win 10 games in his second stint at Louisville, it's hard to deny that he's already made the Cardinals one of the top three teams in the ACC.

Nick Saban is still No. 1.

I_medium Baseball America previews Louisville's huge weekend series at Clemson.

I_medium If anyone has a good podcast suggestion, fire it at me. I'm about to wrap up "Crimetown" (incredible accents), and need to know where to head next for dog-walking accompaniment.

I_medium Terry still loves the kids.

I_medium Pitt basketball has lost yet another player, with big man Rozelle Nix announcing that he's leaving the program.

I_medium And finally, will the Twins take Brendan McKay with the first pick of the upcoming MLB Draft? Experts are torn.