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2017 NFL Free Agency: Louisville RB Brandon Radcliff signs UDFA contract with the Indianapolis Colts

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Louisville’s second leading rusher will have a shot in the NFL.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Radcliff will get a shot in the NFL.

The former University of Louisville running back will head to the Colts after signing an UDFA contract.

Radcliff was the team’s second leading rusher in 2016 (you know, behind that Lamar Jackson kid). Radcliff rushed for 903 yards on 138 carries. He averaged 6.54 yards per carry and tallied six rushing touchdowns.

Radcliff played a very important role in the offense as the rushing counterpart to Lamar Jackson’s breakout year. While Jackson had a lot of highlight runs and took the lion’s share of rushes (he had 260 carries to Radcliff’s 138), Radcliff was essential in keeping the defense from completely selling out to stop Jackson.

One of Radcliff’s best games of the season was against Florida State in the season’s top-5 matchup, a showdown in which even ESPN’s Gameday came to town for the first time in program history. Brandon rushed 14 times for 118 yards and a touchdown for an average of 8.4 yards per carry in the Cardinals 63-20 rout of the Seminoles.

Radcliff has a physical style of running in which he almost looks to run someone over and has good balance while running. Something that Brandon is really going to have to improve upon is his pass-catching ability. It is a skill that is crucial for a running back in today’s NFL.

Good luck Brandon!